Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Review posted 06/21/2013

Quick Take
  • Large 4.8-inch touchscreen is unmatched in digital camera marketplace
  • Galaxy Camera is a lot of fun to use
  • Combines best features of smartphones and point-n-shoot cameras
  • 21x optical zoom sets this model apart versus smartphone cameras
  • Inclusion of Android OS makes Galaxy Camera very easy to use
  • Built-in Wi-Fi option is handy for sharing photos immediately
  • Some models have 4G or 3G support for an extra cost
  • Pop-up flash unit provides good flash photo quality
  • Very good battery life
  • Several special effect features can be added through in-camera editing
  • Comfortable to use with small right-hand grip
  • Sharp, clean design
  • Image quality could be better
  • Cameras shot in low light and indoors sometimes have some noise
  • Focus is a bit soft at times
  • Must charge battery inside the camera, because no separate battery charger included
  • Camera has some shutter lag problems
  • Start-up is incredibly slow in full power-up mode
  • Pop-up flash unit isn't automatic and must be opened manually
  • High ISO settings have a lot of noise
  • Camera may be a bit large for some people
  • Those who don't like Android OS probably won't like this camera
  • Price is pretty high compared to models with a similar image quality
Bottom Line
Samsung's attempt at a merger between a smartphone and a digital camera -- the Galaxy Camera -- is an interesting model. It's a sharp-looking camera that's a fun gadget. The 4.8-inch touchscreen LCD is very sharp and bright, and by running the Android operating system, the Galaxy Camera is easy to use. Samsung gave this camera some nice features, including Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity and a 21x optical zoom lens. The primary drawback with the Galaxy Camera is that its image quality is similar to a basic point-n-shoot camera, which makes it tough to justify the $450-plus price tag. You'll have to spend a significant premium for the large screen, wireless connectivity, and Android OS versus other models with similar photographic quality and camera features. Read more in our Full Conclusion.
The Samsung Galaxy Camera is the second model to use the Android operating system, following last year's Nikon S800c, but the Galaxy Camera is the first to use the Android version 4.1; aka Jelly Bean. Samsung has done a good job of merging the features of a mid-range digital camera with the natural interface of a smartphone in creating the Galaxy Camera, which makes it very easy to share photographs immediately after you shoot them with others through e-mail or through social networking sites.

With its 4.8-inch high-resolution LCD touchscreen, the Galaxy Camera features one of the largest LCD screens that's available on a digital camera currently in the marketplace. While preloaded with various apps, you can download more from the Google Play store, similarly to any other Android powered device. Samsung didn't forget the photographic features, either, offering a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor, a 21x optical zoom lens, a popup flash unit, a rechargeable battery, and full HD video recording. Automatic and full manual modes are available with the Galaxy Camera.

Different versions of the Galaxy Camera are available that use Wi-Fi or 3G/4G with a starting price of $450. The Galaxy Camera is available in white or cobalt black.

Galaxy Camera key features:
  • 16-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor
  • 21x optical zoom lens
  • 4.8-inch (1280x720) touch screen display
  • Gyro-sensors automatically adjust screen orientation to match current usage
  • Smartphone-like screen design running Android 4.1 operating system, Jelly Bean
  • One-touch shutter activation mode on screen
  • Some voice controls available
  • Full HD (1080p) video recording
  • Mix of auto mode for beginners and manual control modes for advanced photographers
  • Explanations of features appear on screens
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for sharing photos with social media Web sites or via e-mail
  • Some versions include 3G and/or 4G support
  • Pop-up flash unit
  • Special effect features built in
  • Large rechargeable li-ion battery (up to 300 shots)

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is available in Cobalt Black or White, and comes in three configurations:

  • Wi-Fi only - MSRP $449.99
  • Wi-Fi + Verizon 4G LTE (requires data plan) - MSRP $549.99 (possible discount through carrier with contract)
  • Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G (requires data plan) - MSRP $549.99 (possible discount through carrier with contract)

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What's in the box?:

  • Galaxy Camera body
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Wrist Strap
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Reference Guide

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