Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The DV300F kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the display screen.

Playback GIF, shooting screen info.gif
During Playback, which is accessed using the Playback button on the back panel of the DualView DV300F, you're going to have three display options. The first option shows the basic data about the image on the screen, including the file number, and the battery life across the top of the screen. Press the Disp button, and you'll see detailed information about the image, including the ISO setting, the shutter speed, and the size of the image. Pressing the Disp button a third time removes all of the data from the screen, leaving you with only the image, giving you a clear look at it.

Playback GIF, display options.gif
From the Playback screen, you can zoom into a single image or cause thumbnails to display in a grid, allowing you to move through a series of images more quickly to find the exact photo that you want.

From the Playback screen, press the zoom ring to the right to zoom into the image. Continue pressing the zoom right to the right to magnify the image. Use the four-way button to adjust your position inside the zoomed image. As you can see here, the small white box in the large black box in the upper right corner of the zoomed image shows the positioning of the current view versus the entire image. There are 10 levels of zoom that you can use. Press the zoom ring to the left to reduce the magnification.

Pressing the zoom ring to the left brings the thumbnail grid onto the screen. You can pick from a 3x4 grid and a 4x6 grid of thumbnails. Press the zoom ring back to the right to return to the Playback screen.

Playback GIF, WiFi options.gif
The DV300F has quite a few menus available in Playback mode, giving you several options for controlling the images and videos that you've already recorded.

  • Delete - Delete or Delete All
  • Trim Movie
  • Share (Wi-Fi) - Wi-Fi Direct, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube (if a movie has been selected), Photobucket, Email, and SkyDrive (as shown here)
  • Set Wallpaper
  • Start Slide Show
  • Slide Show Options - Play Mode (One Play or Repeat), Interval, Music (Off, Happy, Natural, Trendy, Sentimental, or Dynamic), Effect (Off, Calm, Shine, Relax, Lively, or Sweet)
  • Protect - Off or On
  • Resize - 2592x1944, 1984x1488, or 1024x768
  • Rotate - (Off, Right 90, Left 90, or 180)
  • Intelligent Portrait
  • Face List
  • DPOF - (Between 0 and 30, in intervals of 1)
  • Copy to Card
You'll see a different menu structure when you're looking at thumbnails in the Playback screen. There are only three menu options when using thumbnails, but they're all designed to take advantage of having multiple images displayed at one time. They include:

  • Filter - All, Date, Face List, and File Type (as shown above)
  • Delete - Select or Delete All (as shown above)
  • Share (Wi-Fi) - Wi-Fi Direct, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube (if a movie has been selected), Photobucket, Email, SkyDrive

Playback GIF, movie screen info.gif
With a movie displayed on the Playback screen, you'll see a bit of different information displayed than you'd see with a still image. On the default screen, you'll see the file name across the top of the screen, along with a bar that indicates how many seconds long the video clip is. Press the OK button on the back of the DV300F to start playing the movie; press OK again to pause it.

Pressing the Disp button will bring more information onto the screen, including the resolution at which the movie was shot and the date the movie was recorded. Pressing the Disp button a third time removes all data from the screen, other than the bar that indicates the length of the video clip.

One interesting feature that's available when playing back movies on the DV300F is the Capture option, shown at the bottom of these screens. When you pause a movie that's playing back on the DV300F's screen, you can press the bottom area on the four-way button to record a separate still image of the movie clip where you paused it.

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