Samsung Digimax V4 Review

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Samsung Digimax V4

Features & Controls

Samsung Digimax V4

The Digimax V4 is equipped with a 3X Schneider Varioplan zoom lens, 7.7-23.1mm (equivalent to 38 - 114mm in 35mm format) f/2.7 - f/4.9, multi-coated all glass lens with aspherical elements. When powered down the lens automatically retracts and is protected by a builtin lens cap.

Featuring a TTL contrast detection AF system combined with a low-light focus assist illuminator with an unspecified range. The user can manually operate the focus with an onscreen distance guide.

Autofocus Range:

    Normal: 80cm to infinity.
    Macro: 30cm to 80cm.
    Super Macro: 6cm to 30cm (Wide angle only)

The real-image zoom viewfinder has about 85% coverage, there is no dioptric adjustment. There are no framing or focus area indicators in the viewfinder. The two LEDs indicate auto focus and flash status.

Samsung Digimax V4

The built-in flash has modes for auto flash, fill-flash in low lighting and backlight condition, flash-on and flash-off and "Red-eye" reduction function which employs a single discharge. The flash working range in wide angle is approx. 0.2 to 3.0m, telephoto is 0.2 to 2.0m. Recharge time is approx. 7 seconds with fresh batteries.

Samsung Digimax V4

The Mode Dial has positions for Easy (Auto), Program AE, A/S/M, MySet, Voice Recorder, Movie, Night Scene and Portrait. The zoom controls function as the image Index and Magnify buttons in play mode. Along the left side of the color LCD are the buttons for Exposure Compensation (Play/Stop in play mode), Manual Focus (Delete in play mode), and Monitor which controls the color LCD and the info displayed on it. At the bottom right of the color LCD is the Play mode/Review button.

The 4-way selector switch is for navigating menu options, press the MENU/OK button in the center to call up the menu or accept a selection. Press "Right" to activate Self-timer or Remote mode, press "Down" to enable Macro and Super Macro focus mode, press "Left" to change flash modes and press "Up" to enable sound recording. In Play mode you press "Right" or "Left" to advance to the next picture.

Samsung Digimax V4

On top you'll find the power On/Off switch and the shutter release. On the left is the builtin microphone.

Samsung Digimax V4

Images, movies and sound clips are stored on either Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMedia Card (MMC) memory cards, Samsung provides a 32MB size SD card with the camera.

Capacity 32MB SD Card
Image Size SuperFine Fine Normal TIFF
2272x1704 12 25 38 2
2272x1504 (3:2) 14 29 43 2
1120x840 53 106 159 8
544x1504 225 451 676 35

Samsung Digimax V4

The 5VDC IN port is for an optional AC power supply or external battery pack. There is a miniature connector to facilitate both the USB 1.1 data cable and the Audio / Video cable for connection to a TV set.

Samsung Digimax V4

The Digimax V4 can be powered by an optional SLB-1437 lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that Samsung claims is good for up to 280 shots.

The camera comes with a CR-V3 lithium one-use battery and can also use two AA type batteries, alkaline, lithium, NiMH or NiCd type.

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