Physical Views & Controls

A very simple to operate lens, the 12mm Fisheye from Rokinon only features two controls; the focus ring and the aperture ring. The focus ring is incredibly smooth with approx. a 1/3 turn from end to end, making fine focus adjustments easy.

The aperture ring is well marked and clicks easily into each setting. Both rings feature textured grips that allow for easy adjustments in all environments. The lens itself is made up of 12 lenses in 8 groups. It uses 3 ED elements and two aspherical elements to create the best image quality possible.

The petal shaped lens hood is removable, but we feel it is best left on as the lens cap attaches to it. Our sample lens is in Sony's E-mount, which looks slightly different than the image that you will see on Rokinon's website. Due to the design of a mirrorless camera, the lens must be a little longer in order to fully cover the Full-Frame Image sensor.

The large, printed numbers are very easy to see and read for both the focus (distance and depth of field) and aperture settings. Here you can also easily see the textured grips on both rings.

Since there are no electronics in this lens, you will not find any contacts on the lens mount. This means that the camera will not have any communication with the lens, so the camera will always read "--" for the aperture. The aperture is set directly on the lens, but depending on your camera model, you may need to enable "Release w/o Lens" from the setup menu. The lens works in Manual, Aperture Priority and Program shooting modes. Manual allows you to control all of the settings, while the other work in the same way, allowing you to set the aperture on the lens and the camera will take care of the shutter speed for you.

Here is the 12mm f/2.8 Full Frame Fisheye lens shown on the Sony Alpha 7.

The 12mm f/2.8 Full Frame Fisheye lens next to the Sony 28-70mm E-mount lens for a size comparison.

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