Playback Screens & Menus

The default playback view shows limited camera information along the bottom: file type, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation setting. The downward green arrow on the four-way control icon indicates the button for launching the edit menu.

The detailed information view expands the camera information to include, for example, burst mode, metering, shake-reduction setting, auto focus method, and custom image controls.

You also can choose to view an overall histogram of your image, as well as separate RGB histograms.

The display menu is accessed by pressing the Info button in playback mode. You get five choices for still images (movies can't be displayed in histogram or RGB histogram view).

Turning the thumb dial leftward launches the index view. You can choose from 4, 9, 30, or 56 thumbnails, plus a calendar view. To access the menu, in playback mode you must first turn the thumb dial leftward to enter index view. Then you press the Info button to bring up the choices, as indicated by "Info" icon at bottom.

The thumbnail display menu appears as five icons across the screen.

Having 30 thumbnails can make navigating numerous files easier.

Seeing the subject of images in the 56-thumbnail view can be a little challenging, but most often makes finding images a breeze.

The calendar view allows you to find images by date.

You can zoom in on your images up to 16X in playback.

Pressing downward on the four-way control in playback mode launches the edit menu.

Edit menu:
  • Image rotation
  • Digital filter
  • Red-eye edit
  • Resize
  • Cropping
  • Index
  • Protect
  • DPOF
  • Slideshow
  • Save as manual white balance
  • Save cross processing
  • Save Smart Effect
  • RAW development
  • Movie edit
  • Eye-Fi image transfer


Digital filters menu in playback:
  • Base Parameter Adjustment
  • Toy Camera
  • High Contrast
  • Shading
  • Tone Expansion
  • Invert Color
  • Extract Color
  • Unicolor Bold
  • Water Color
  • Posterization
  • Slim
  • Fish-eye
  • Retro
  • Soft
  • Sketch Filter
  • Miniature
  • Soft
  • Starburst

You can save a combination of parameters to one of three user settings, and assign them to one of the positions on the front Quick Dial.

The playback menu offers basic adjustments, such as to slideshows. The quick zoom feature can be set up to 16X. When viewing an image, turning the thumb dial to the right jumps the image up to your selected magnification, rather than you having to keep turning the dial for close inspection.

The default movie playback view shows basic information, which you can hide. The four-way icon indicates the play button (upward) and the position for entering the edit menu (downward).

Pressing the Info button while viewing a movie in playback, you can choose the detailed info view to see settings such as movie duration, metering mode, anti-shake, and other parameters.

Movie edit mode is a very simple affair. You can not apply a digital filter to a video file, like you can with still images. You can only trim movies by selecting a cut point and dividing the video into two files.

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