Features & Controls

The 5x optical lens for the Optio W90 is contained inside the body of the camera in order to protect it from the elements. The lens is comprised of 11 elements in 5 groups and has a 35mm equivalent if 28-140mm.

The W90 is equipped with three LED lights placed around the lens, which are used to get close up to your subject as close as 0.36 inches (1cm).

The focusing range of the 9-point AF system is:
  • Normal mode - 1.64' to infinity
  • Macro mode - 3.96"-1.97'
  • Super Macro mode - 0.36" - 11.76"
You can choose from several AF modes, including Spot AF, Auto Tracking AF, Macro, Super Macro, Infinity Landscape, Pan Focus, and Manual Focus.

The W90's flash is located above the lens and to the right. The flash settings consist of: Auto, Flash Off, Flash On, Auto + Redeye, On + Redeye and Soft

Effective range (auto ISO):
  • 13' at wide angle
  • 8.2' at telephoto

The top of the camera is pretty plain hosting only the power button and the shutter release. To the left you will also see the speaker/microphone.


On the back of the camera is the majority of the controls. Starting at the top is the zoom control, and as you can see in the blue it also is used when the camera is in playback mode. Pressing it to the left will enable index mode, while pressing it to the right will magnify an image up to 10x. The playback button is indicated by a blue triangle on the button just below the zoom control. Below that is the menu button that is used to access the camera's menu controls and settings. Next is the Face Detection button that will allow the camera to set focal priority to faces. The 4-way control allows you quickly access to the drive mode (self-timer burst mode, etc.), focus modes, shooting modes and flash settings. This is also used to navigate the menu system. Pressing the OK button in the center accepts selections, and also controls the amount of information shown on the LCD screen. Last on the list is the "Green" button that will automatically change settings to reduce the power consumption of the camera to extend the battery life, and in playback it is used to delete images.


Hidden behind the waterproof door on the side of the W90 are the two ports for connecting the camera to things like televisions, computers and printers. The top port is the AV/USB port and under that is the HDMI port to connect to High Definition devices.

You can see the rubber seal, which tightly forms to the inside of this compartment to keep it air/water tight.

All pictures and videos taken will be stored on either the cameras 26.7MB of internal memory or on a SD/SDHC memory card. The media cards are housed in a watertight compartment on the bottom of the camera. Pictured above is Lexar Professional 8GB SDHC card.

Power for the W90 comes from a Pentax 3.7V, 740mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Pentax will also supply you with a charger and AC cord to plug into a standard outlet. Extra batteries can be purchased in order to always have a charged up battery handy, although Pentax claims that you can get around 200 images on a fully charged battery.

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