Features & Controls

Pentax sends the Optio RS1500 with a 4x optical zoom lens that has a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 27.5-110mm (F3.2-5.9). This smc Pentax zoom lens is made up of 6 elements in 5 groups.

Focus Range:
Normal: 1.31' to infinity (wide)
Macro: 0.49 - 1.64' (wide), 0.82 - 1.64' (tele)
Super Macro: Approx 0.26 - 0.82' (at mid zoom, set automatically)

Pentax also sends a variety of skin designs for the RS1500, along with an orange interchangeable lens ring. These are easily changed so you can change the look of the camera daily. Shown above is the orange lens ring with no camera skin.

Here you can see the RS 1500 with one of the ten included skins installed on the camera.


This is the built-in series-control auto flash for the RS1500. Flash modes include: Auto, Flash Off, Flash On, Auto + Redeye, On + Redeye. It has a maximum effective range of up to 16' (W), 8.5' (T); at auto ISO.


Here is the top of the RS 1500 with only two controls. The On/Off button with the red circle, along side the shutter release button.


The Optio RS 1500 has a 3inch TFT color LCD with 230K dots, making framing and viewing images a breeze.


Controls on the back: At the very top are the zoom controls, also used for accessing the index and magnify options while in playback mode, followed by the Face Recognition button and the blue Playback button. The white 4-way controller allows you navigate menus and select images during playback. This 4-way pad is also used as a shortcut to frequently used settings in record mode. Pressing 'Up' will change the drive mode (self-timer, burst, etc.), 'Left' to change flash mode, 'Right' to change focus mode, and 'Down' to change recording Mode. The MENU button calls up and dismisses the camera and settings menus. The GREEN button quickly puts the camera into the 'Green' or simple (point-n-shoot) mode, and during in playback it functions as the Delete button.


On the right side of the RS1500 you will find the PC/AV port, which handles both the USB 2.0 (High-speed) connection for downloading images and movies to your PC, and the Audio/Video output for TV display. The RS1500 has no HDMI port

The RS1500 can only capture and save up to 21.6MB with its internal memory that is provided. Therefore, the camera also accepts SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards with capacities up to 32GB. We show a SanDisk Extreme SDHC card here with 4GB of memory.

The RS1500 is powered by a Pentax 3.7V 720mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, with enough power to capture up to 210 images, or approximately 260mins of record time on a single charge. The included quick charger has an AC adapter attachment that plugs directly into any AC plug, eliminating any cords.

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