Features & Controls

The 5x optical zoom lens is made up of 7 elements in 6 groups (including 3 aspheric elements). It has a 35mm equivalent range of 28-140mm. There is also a 6.25x digital zoom, but we do not recommend using it. Digital zoom expands the center of the image, it does not actually "zoom", which will result in a degraded image.

Flash modes include: Auto, Flash Off, Flash On, Auto + Redeye, On + Redeye and Soft Effective. The flash has a unique location due to the retro styling, it is elevated directly above the lens, this location seems to have been a good choice as the flash has good distance and coverage. The listed effective range is between 8 and 13 feet ( Wide - Telephoto, ISO Auto).

There are only three controls on the top of the camera and they are bunched very close together. On the left you have the small power button, and to the right is the Shutter release with the zoom controls mounted around it.


The controls on the back are pretty simple, and spaced out well. At the top are the playback and the face recognition/smile capture buttons. In the center is the 4-way control. Pressing "Up" will toggle the drive modes, "Right" changes the focus mode, "Down" takes you to all the available shooting modes and "Left" will bring up your flash mode choices. On the bottom are the menu and Green buttons. The Green button puts the camera into "Green" auto mode, or deletes file when in playback.

There is only one port on the camera and it is located on the bottom. This port is used to connect the camera to external devices such as a computer or Pictbridge compatible printer using the included USB cable, or you can also connect it to a television set using the supplied AV cable.

The I-10 is equipped with remote control capabilities. The remote control itself is an additional accessory that must be purchased separately.

Powering the I-10 is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The corded charger plugs into an outlet and will indicate when the battery is charged with a green light. With a fully charged battery, Pentax says you should get approximately 250 images, approx. 100 min. Movie recording time or approx. 350 min. of Audio recording time.

The I-10 stores images on either the built-in 26.7 MB of memory or a SD/SDHC media card. Shown here is the I-10 with a Lexar Professional 4GB SDHC card.

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