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Pentax Optio 330RSRS

Record Screens & Menus

The LCD screens that you see in this review had to be photographed as there is no video out- port that we normally use to capture the displays with. LCD monitors on any camera were never designed with enough resolution to be photographed. So we hope you understand why these screen captures are not up to standard.

This is the screen display when in the Auto record mode with the shutter release half-pressed. The green AF target marks toward the center indicates the location of focus (one of 49 possible) and a good autofocus lock, they are red if the AF fails. The shutter speed and aperture are displayed as well as date and time of capture. Across the top the info displayed is the flash mode, self timer active, macro mode and the camera icon denotes Auto Record mode. The "269" in the top right represents the number of pictures remaining.The battery level icon which must be watched closely as this camera is quite hard on the battery when the LCD is used.

Pentax Optio 330RS

Pressing the DISPLAY button toggles the realtime histogram display which also shows the image size, quality level, white balance, metering mode and ISO speed.

Pentax Optio 330RS

When in the Manual record mode the shutter speed and aperture are displayed constantly as is the exposure value which acts as your meter to indicate over- or under-exposure. You change the shutter speed and/or aperture value to obtain a correct exposure.

Pentax Optio 330RS

Press the Focus mode button 3 times to enter the Manual Focus mode. The focus is adjusted by the up / down controls on the 4 way switch. A sliding scale is displayed on the LCD with distance measurement and the display is enlarged (center of frame digitally zoomed into) to help decipher accurate focus. You can visually "see" the focus change which is a considerable improvement over the previous model (the Optio 330-non RS.)

Pentax Optio 330RS

You can record up to 30 seconds per clip of 320 x 240 motion video at 15 frames per second. There is no microphone so the movies are silent.

Pentax Optio 330RS

The animation displays the different functions of the "3D" and Filter modes accessed through the mode dial on top of the camera.

Packed in the box with the camera comes a stereo (3D) viewer. The images, after some practice, are printed and viewed with the stereo viewer. To take the images, the 3D mode is set on the Mode dial and in the Menu option APPLIED PHOTO MODE choose the Parallel mode. The left image is captured first on the left side of the frame using the LCD as the viewfinder. The LCD will prompt you to now take the right image from a slightly different perspective (a guide is given in the instruction book) and presto - 3D image. The 3D's can be shot in the Parallel or Cross mode (over- under). The side- by -side (parallel) option is shown above in the animation. OK, not a real attention grabber but it is unusual, I must admit.

When the Filter mode is selected the choices are: Slim Filter (which elongates the subject vertically or horizontally), or one of eight color filter modes. They are: yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, red, sepia or Black & White.

Record Mode Menu Screens

In Auto or Manual record mode there are three pages each of menu options in each
of the following menu headings: Record Mode options, settings that can be "Memorized" between power off / power on and general Setup options.

Below is pictured the "Rec mode" options:

Pentax Optio 330RS

First page:
Recorded Pixels - 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1024x768 or 640x480
Quality Level - Three (Best), Two (Better) or One (Good) "stars"
White Balance - Auto, Sunny, Shade, Incandescent, Fluorescent or Manual
Focusing Area - Multiple (default) or Spot
Digital Zoom - On or Off

Second Page:
AE Metering - Matrix, Center-weighted or Spot
ISO Speed - Auto or fixed at 125 or 250
Instant Review - 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 secs or Off
Interval ShootingInterval: 99 to 0min's 59 to 30secs or Off
Numb shots: 99 to 2
Start Time: 3 to 0 hrs, 50 to 0 mins or Off
Time Lapse Movie - x2, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100 or Off
Third Page:
Applied Photo Mode - Parallel or Cross mode(see above)
Sharpness - 3 position slider
Saturation - 3 position slider
Contrast - 3 position slider

Below is pictured the Memory options,
which can be saved(checked) or not at power down:

Pentax Optio 330RS

First page:
ISO speed
Focus Mode
Zoom Position
Manual Focus
Second Page:
White Balance
Exposure Value Compensation
Digital Zoom
Automatic Exposure Metering
Third Page:
File Number

Below is pictured the Setup options:

Pentax Optio 330RS
First page:
Format - Format, Cancel
Copy Image - Copy from Internal Memory to CF Card
or Copy from CF Card to Internal Memory
Resize - Select new res. and quality for copy
Trimming - Select size of crop box,
move box to area and crop.
Alarm - 3 alarms can be set to display an image and
sound alarm at a specified time.
Beep - on / off
Second Page:
Start-Up Screen - Matrix,
Center-weighted or Spot
Date Style - mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy
or yy/mm/dd
Date Adjust - Set date and time.
World Timechoose world time city and
Home time city(see below)

Language - select one of seven languages

Third Page:
Sleep Timeout - Select Off, 30 sec, 1 or 2 min's
Auto Power Off - select Off, 3 or 5 min's
Quick Delete - off = all images on card
on = one at a time
Quick Enlargement - OFF / ON= max zoom only
at zoom playback

Pentax Optio 330RS

The World Time Function allows the setting of your home city and a second "World Time" city setting. When this function is selected it will attach and later play back The World Time to any photos shot.

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