Record Screens & Menus

Auto Picture mode is one of Pentax's fully automatic shooting modes. The camera will take care of the exposure settings for you as well as picking a scene mode when appropriate. Unlike most auto modes of this kind, Pentax gives you a little more control than others. Many of the settings that you have control over in Program mode are also available here, such as AF settings, ISO and a few others.

Green mode is the camera's simplest fully automatic shooting mode. Here the camera really takes away all control and simplifies the screen, making it one of the easiest cameras for new photographers. As long as the camera stays in Green mode, you cannot mess up the settings.

Program mode, much like the Auto Picture mode, takes care of the exposure settings for you. Unlike the Auto Picture mode, you have a few more controls over the image like the WB and metering modes. This mode will not choose a scene mode either, the other settings will stay current shooting settings.

MX-1 Scene modes: Portrait, Flower, Landscape, Blue Sky, Sunset, Night Scene, Handheld Night Snap, Night Scene Portrait, Candlelight, Fireworks, Food, Surf & Snow, Pet, Kids, Sport, Digital SR, Text, Candid Capture, Digital Wide, Digital Panorama, Miniature.

As easy as it can be to use the MX-1, it also features Aperture and Shutter Priorities as well as full manual. This gives you complete control over all of the exposure settings. The yellow triangle alerts you to an incorrect exposure setting, since the exposure is not simulated on the screen.

HDR mode creates a High Dynamic Range image inside the camera, by capturing 3 images at 0, -2EV and +2EV and combines them for you inside the camera. You can also use the HDR filter in the playback menu with these images to really enhance the effect.

Pressing the Info button brings up a wealth of handy settings.
  • Top row (L-R): Custom Image, White Balance, AE Metering, Highlight Correction, Shadow Correction
  • Second row (L-R): ND Filter, Focusing Area, AF Mode, Grid Display, Histogram
  • Bottom row (L-R): Aspect Ratio, Image Size, File Format, Quality, Shake Recuction

The 4-way controller allows you to quickly and easily scroll through the camera's menu system. It also works to provide you with shortcuts to commonly used shooting settings. Up changes the burst mode and self timer, right activates macro mode, down changes the ISO and left controls the flash.

Record Mode Options:
  • Custom Image - Adjust the tone of the images that the camera will capture
  • Capture settings - Includes the settings for Aspect Ratio, File Format, Recorded Pixels and Quality
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent, or Shutter Adjust
  • AF Setting - Focusing Area (9 point AF, Spot AF, Tracking AF)
  • AE Metering - Multi, Center-weighted, Spot
  • ND Filter - Auto, On, Off
  • HDR Capture - Standard, Strong 1, Strong 2
  • D-Range Setting - Highlight Correction and Shadow Correction
  • Shake Reduction - Sensor Shift, Dual, Off
  • Face Detection - On, Smile, Off
  • Blink Detection - On or Off
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • Instant Review - On or Off
  • Memory - Memorize settings between power on and off
  • LCD View Options - Options for Grid Display, Histogram, Highlight Alert, Electronic Level
  • Date Imprint - Off, Date, Date & Time, Time

Custom Menu:
1. AE-L with AF Locked - On or Off
2. Bracketing Order - 0-+, -0+, +0-, 0+-
3. WB When Using Flash - Auto, Unchanged, Flash
4. AWB in Tungsten Light - Subtle or Strong Correction
5. AF with Remote Control - On or Off
6. Save Menu Location - Reset Menu Location, Save Menu Location
7. Electronic Shutter - Disable, Enable
8. Sensitivity Steps - 1EV Step, 1/3EV Steps
9. Save Rotation Info - On or Off
10. Auto Image Rotate - On or Off
Reset Custom Functions

Movie Menu:
  • Custom Image - Adjust the tone of the images that the camera will capture
  • Recorded Pixels - Full HD 30 (1920x1080), HD 60 (1280x720), HD 30 (1280x720)
  • Movie SR - On or Off
  • Wind Suppression - On or Off
  • Enable Autofocus - On or Off
  • Enable Optical Zoom - On or Off

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