Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera enters it into playback mode. Here you can see all of the images that have been recorded and are still stored on the memory card or internal memory. The camera will show you some basic information about the image.

In playback mode, you can press the zoom to the wide end in order to enter index mode. Here you can see thumbnails of your images or search for them based on the date in which they were taken.

Pressing the zoom control to the telephoto end allows you to zoom in on the image that is currently on your screen. The camera can zoom in up to 10x, allowing you to look closely at your images on the camera. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4 way controller to scroll around the image.

While looking at any image, you can press the down button to bring up the playback menu. Here you will find the options for running a slideshow, rotating, stretch filter, small face filter, collage, digital filter, HDR filter, original frame, RAW development, movie edit, red-eye edit, resize, cropping, image copy, protect, DPOF and start-up screen.

Above is a screen of the collage feature. The camera allows you to select several images from the memory to include in the different windows. This is an easy and creative way to print and display the images without having special computer software you create it.

Resize allows you to make smaller copies of your images on the camera. Pentax allows you to choose the image size and quality that you would like. This is another way to edit your images without a computer.

Movies can be played back on the camera's LCD screen or on an HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. The 4-way controller gives you DVR-like control over the playback. The camera also features an editing mode that allows you to capture a still from the movie or cut and divide it.

Camera Settings Options:
  • Save As User - Save the current settings to the USER setting on the mode dial
  • Sound - Set volume and type of camera operation sounds
  • Date Adjust - Set Date & Time
  • World Time - Set World Time
  • Text Size - Standard or Large
  • Language - Select the camera's language
  • Folder Name - Create an image folder
  • File Name - IMGP, User
  • Copyright Info - Embed Copyright info into image
  • USB Connection - Set transfer mode (MSC, PictBridge)
  • Video Out - Set video format (NTSC, PAL)
  • HDMI Out - Auto, 1080i, 720, 480
  • Eye-Fi - On or Off (for use with the Eye-Fi storage card)
  • LCD Settings - Adjust brightness and color balance
  • Power Saving - 2min., 1min., 30sec., 15sec., 5sec., Off
  • Auto Power Off - 5min., 3min., Off
  • Reset - Return settings to default
  • Delete All - Delete all images off of the memory card
  • Pixel Mapping - Check and adjust the image sensor for bad pixels
  • Startup Shortcut - Playback mode, LED Lighting, Clock Display
  • Format - Formats the SD card

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