Playback Screens & Menus

Standard information display in playback shows basic file and camera settings. As indicated by the green arrow on the four-way control icon, pressing the down button takes you to the edit menu for applying digital filters, rotating, cropping, protecting, etc.

Pentax K-30-menu-display.jpg
The information display menu is launched by the Info button on the back panel. There you use one of the dials or the four-way controller to select one of five options: Standard Information, Detailed Information, Histogram, RGB Histogram, and No Information.

Pentax K-30-menu-display-details.jpg
The detailed information view in playback shows many more settings than standard information display. In this view, rather than launching the edit menu, pressing the down (WB) button on the four-way control takes you to a second page of image data, such as photographer information, tampering warning, and copyright holder. Additional information is also displayed if GPS information is stored: lens direction, latitude, altitude, and longitude.

Pentax K-30-menu-display-histogram.jpg
The histogram is displayed across the bottom of the screen in histogram display mode, along with basic shooting information.

Pentax K-30-menu-display-RGB.jpg
RGB histogram display shrinks the size of the photo to accommodate color information in addition to the standard histogram. When in Histogram or RGB Histogram view, pressing down on the four-way control button (WB) toggles between the two views. In all other cases, pressing the WB button takes you to the edit menu for applying image rotation, digital filters, etc.

Pentax K-30-playback-9up.jpg
In playback mode, turning the rear dial left launches index view. By default, this displays 9 images, though pressing the Info button gives you more options. You can set index view to display 4, 9, 16, 36, or 81 images. A last option called Calendar Filmstrip Display shows the selected image, a calendar for scrolling through images by date, and a film strip of additional images taken on the selected date.

Pentax K-30-playback zoom close.jpg
Turning the rear dial to the right magnifies the selected image up to 16X.

Pentax K-30-menu-playback.jpg
The playback menu is where you set up slideshows, and turn bright/dark area highlighting and auto image rotation on/off. Additionally, this is where you turn Quick Zoom on, which automatically magnifies the frame by 2X to 6X when using the LCD in live view.

Pentax K-30-menu-playback-digital filter.jpg
Pressing the down button (WB) on the four-way control in playback brings up the edit menu.

Edit menu options:
  • Image Rotation
  • Digital Filter (see complete list below)
  • Resize
  • Cropping
  • Index
  • Protect
  • Slideshow
  • Save As Manual White Balance
  • Save Cross Processing
  • RAW development
  • Movie Edit
  • DPOF print instructions

Digital filters (in edit mode):
  • Monochrome
  • Extract Color
  • Toy Camera
  • Retro
  • High Contrast
  • Shading
  • Invert Color
  • Color
  • Tone expansion
  • Sketch
  • Water color
  • Pastel
  • Posterization
  • Miniature
  • Soft
  • Starburst
  • Fish-eye
  • Slim
  • Base parameter adjustment

Pentax K-30-menu-playback-manual WB.jpg
The Save As Manual White Balance function allows you to use an image you've shot to establish manual white balance.

Pentax K-30-playback-movie.jpg
In movie playback, when playback is paused, you can save individual frames as a new file using the exposure compensation button, as indicated by the icon in the top right. As the icons at bottom show, the rear dial adjusts audio volume, and the four-way control is used for playback start, pause, stop, forward and rewind.

Pentax K-30-playback-menu-movie-edit.jpg
When movie playback is paused, pressing down on the four-way control (WB) takes you to Movie Edit, where you can divide a movie into separate segments.

Pentax K-30-playback-movie-edit.jpg
In Movie Edit mode, you use the Info button to cut your video after using the four-way control to navigate to the desired spot. The camera saves the separate segments as individual files, preserving the original video.

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