Features & Controls (cont.)

The K-30 runs on the D-LI109 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included), and comes with the D-BC109 charger. The battery is rated to last approximately 410 images (CIPA rating with 50% flash shots), and to playback for roughly 270 minutes.

Pentax K-30-battery detail.jpg
Note the shape of the battery compartment. It is designed to alternatively hold four AA batteries. But to do this, you'll need the optional D-BH109 holder. Interestingly, the camera is CIPA-rated to shoot approximately 1000 images (50% with flash) on one charge with four AA lithium batteries (compared to 410 with the included Li-ion battery).

Playback time is also significantly improved with AA lithium batteries: approximately 620 minutes versus 270 minutes with the included Li-ion battery.

Maximum movie recording time is 25 minutes per clip. Also available is an optional AC adapter.

Pentax K-30-port detail.jpg
The K-30 has just one port - a combination USB/AV port that sits behind a rubber flap. There is no HDMI port for outputting the 1080p HD video the camera can record.

Pentax K-30-side with lens.jpg
The K-30 body can be purchased separately or as a kit with the DA L 18-55mm lens. The camera offers AF fine adjustment, which allows you to fine-tune the auto focus for each of your lenses, or to apply the adjustment to all lenses. Also offered is Catch-In Focus Mode, which you use with manual focus. When selected in the custom settings menu, the camera will automatically trip the shutter when your subject comes into focus.

Pentax K-30-SDcard.jpg
The K-30 supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. The card slot sits behind a spring-loaded plastic door that you slide back to release. Also on this side of the body is the cable release terminal, which sits behind a rubber flap below the SD card slot. In addition to using a cable release to trip the shutter, you can use an optional wireless remote, though oddly by default the remote will not adjust the autofocus - you have to change this as a custom setting for it to do so.

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