Pentax *ist D SLR Review

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Pentax *ist D

Digital Features & Controls

The "digital half" of the *ist D is found on the back. The 1.8-inch color LCD is used for accessing the menus and reviewing captured images. The button in the upper left is for Multiple Exposure and AE Bracketing modes, in review mode it accesses the DPOF function. To the right of the eyelevel finder is the AE Lock button, in review mode it is the Protect button. Next to that is the Exposure Compensation button. The Av Dial in review mode toggles the thumbnail index display and Zoom (magnified) display modes. To the right of the LCD is the AF (auto focus) start button The 4-way controller/OK button lets you navigate menus and select images during playback. Around the 4-way controller is the Focus Point Selector switch lever.

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

MENU - Enables the onscreen menu system

DELETE - Erase images

INFO - In record it displays camera and exposure settings (see below), in playback it toggles display of exposure data or histogram

PLAYBACK - Puts camera into review mode

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Pressing the INFO button while in capture mode displays a screen full of settings and parameters currently in use. Starting in the upper right is the current Custom Function number (1, 2 or 3), Focus mode (AF Single), Multi-pattern metering, color Saturation at default, Sharpness at +1, Contrast at default, lens focal length is 26mm, ISO 200, Image size is Large / Fine quality, sRGB color space, and Auto white balance.

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Record menu options:

  • Format - Format the CF device
  • Custom Function - Access/change settings for Custom Function 1,2 or 3 (more on Custom Functions below)
  • Saturation - Adjust color saturation (High, Normal, Low)
  • Sharpness - Adjust sharpness (Hard, Normal, Soft)
  • Contrast - Adjust contrast (High, Normal, Low)
  • Instant Review - Review time after capture (off, 1s, 3s, 5s)
  • Auto Power Off - Time delay (off, 30s, 1m, 3m, 10m, 15m, 30m)
  • Beep - Enable/disable button beep sounds
  • Date Adjust - Set internal clock
  • World Time - Setup world time zones
  • Language - Menu language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese)
  • Video Out - NTSC or PAL
  • Brightness Level - Adjust LCD backlight
  • File # - Serial or Reset
  • Slideshow - Time delay between pictures in playback
  • Sensor Cleaning - Mirror up to clean CCD
  • Reset - Return all settings to default

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Custom Functions pg 1:
  • Program Line - Normal, Depth of Field, Hi-Speed, MTF
  • Exposure Setting Steps - 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps
  • Noise Reduction - Enable/disable noise reduction feature
  • Sensitivity Range - Normal (ISO 200-1600) or Wide (ISO 200-3200)
  • Sensitivity Correction - Automatic ISO adjust: Off or On

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Custom Functions pg 2:
  • Recorded Pixels of S - 1536x1024, 1152x768, 960x640
  • Hyper Program - Enable/disable Hyper Program mode
  • Green Button in Manual - Which mode to jump to: P, Tv, Av
  • Link AF Point and AE - Metering follows Af point: On or Off
  • AF with Press Halfway - AF when shutter half-pressed: On or Off

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Custom Functions pg 3:
  • Auto Bracketing Order - Capture sequence in AE Bracketing mode
  • Shutter Release w/o CF - Enable/disable shutter when no CF card present
  • F Stop other than A - Enable/disable operation when lens is set to A
  • Release when Charging - Enable/disable capture during flash recharge
  • Flash in Wireless Mode - Built-in flash as Controller or Master

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Custom Functions pg 4:
  • Flash with OK Button - Off, Test, Modeling
  • Meter Operating Time - Display timeout value (3s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s)
  • Self-Timer Delay Time - 2 or 12 seconds
  • Remote Control Delay - 0 or 3 seconds
  • Superimpose AF Area - Illuminate AF points in viewfinder

Pentax *ist D Digital SLR

Custom Functions pg 5:
  • Use LCD w/Video Output - Enable/disable LCD when Video Out is active
  • Color Space - sRGB or AdobeRGB
  • Reset Custom Function - Return all Custom Functions to default

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