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Pentax *ist D

Bundled Software


PENTAX PHOTO Browser is software for viewing and managing images taken on your digital camera and saved on your computer. When you select a folder containing saved images, PENTAX PHOTO Browser compatible images in the folder automatically appear as thumbnails.You can select a thumbnail image to view an image. (Files with extensions [.PEF (RAW)], [.TIF (TIFF)], and [.JPG (JPEG)] are supported)

PENTAX PHOTO Browser also does the following tasks:

  • Save image files under a new name, change file names, copy, cut, delete and paste.
  • Create new folder, change folder name, copy, cut, delete and paste.
  • Save Image Data List
  • Check Image Data
  • View RAW image data easily.

You can also start RAW image data editing software PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory and camera control software PENTAX REMOTE Assistant from within PENTAX PHOTO Browser.

The PENTAX PHOTO Browser window layout:
  • Tree view: Internal data on your computer appears here as a folder tree. Select the folder containing saved image files here. Also, the tree view handles operations such as creating new folders, erasing folders or moving/copying folders. (Applies only to Windows)
  • Thumbnail pane: Images in the folder selected in the tree view appear here as thumbnails. The size of thumbnails can be selected from four sizes. When a thumbnail image is selected in the thumbnail pane, the image appears in the preview pane and the image data appears in the image data pane.
  • Preview pane: An image selected in the thumbnail pane appears in this view.
  • Image data pane: The image information for the image selected in the thumbnail pane appears here.

Pentax *ist D, image (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams


Performs color separation processing and other processing on CCD RAW image data recorded in PENTAX digital camera dedicated format, enabling them to appear on commercially available image viewing and editing software.

Pentax *ist D, image (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams

When you click the [Custom Processing] button, a RAW processing conditions setting panel appears at the bottom of the PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory window. When you click each item (White Balance, Tone Curve / Histogram, Sensitivity / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness), each setting panel is displayed. Set each item in its setting panel.

The available save formats are JPEG, TIFF, and TIFF16. Select the save format using the appropriate toolbar button.

Setting the Sensitivity / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness

    Adjusts the sensitivity of development processing.
    + : The image becomes brighter.
    - : The image becomes darker.

    Adjusts the contrast between light and shadow.
    + : Increases contrast between light and shadow.
    + : Decreases contrast between light and shadow.

    Adjusts the strength of the colors after RAW data development.
    + : The colors become stronger.
    - : The colors become weaker.

    Adjusts the sharpness of the edges.
    + : Image contour is enhanced.
    - : Image contour is softened.

Pentax *ist D, image (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams

White Balance settings panel with the preset selections shown. You can select the Camera Setting, use a preset or manually select a gray point from the image. The changes made will be shown realtime in the preview window.

Pentax *ist D, image (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams

Tone curve: The relationship between the input level and output level is set using a graph (Up to 16 points.). If the graph is left clicked, the line on the graph moves to that spot and the point can be set. The point can be released by right clicking (Windows only).

Histogram (Brightness) displays the light distribution when combining RGB.

    Histogram (R) Displays the light distribution for R (Red).
    Histogram (G) Displays the light distribution for G (Green).
    Histogram (B) Displays the light distribution for B (Blue).
Reset Deletes the tone curve settings, and returns to a straight line.


This software has an additional function that controls the camera from a computer. To use PENTAX REMOTE Assistant, you will need to purchase and install PENTAX REMOTE Assistant separately. (Available soon) PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory and PENTAX REMOTE Assistant can also be run as standalone applications.

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