Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera allows you to view the images that are saved on the camera's SD card. You can also change the amount of information that is shown about the image by pressing the DISP. button. You can choose no info all the way to a full color histogram for the image.

Pushing the zoom lever to the wide end or pressing the "checkered" box on the Touch LCD screen takes the camera to its index view. Here you can see thumbnails of the images that are stored on the camera. This makes it easy to search through a large collection of images to find the one or two that you are looking for.

Pressing the zoom lever the other way (T) allows you to zoom in on an individual image up to 16x. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. Zooming in on the high res screen is a great way to check the focus and fine details of your images when a computer is not available.

Playback Menu:
  • Slide Show - Play a slideshow of the images saved on the memory card
  • Playback Mode - Normal, Picture only, Video only, Category play
  • Location Logging - Add or Delete location data
  • Light Composition - Create a composite photo by combining various picture elements
  • Clear Retouch - Remove a portion or object from an image
  • Title Edit - Single, Multi
  • Text Stamp - Single, Multi
  • Video Divide - Allows you to trim your videos
  • Time Lapse Video - Plays your time-lapse videos
  • Stop Motion Video - View stop-motion video
  • Resize - Make smaller copies of the images on the SD card
  • Cropping - Crop the image area of an image
  • Rotate - Change the orientation of an image
  • Rotate Display - On or Off
  • Favorite - Choose and view your favorite images
  • Print Set - Choose images to print when connected to a printer
  • Protect - Protect images from being deleted
  • Face Recognition Edit - Change face recognition
  • Picture Sort - Set the order that the images are displayed

The cropping feature allows you to "trim" an image by zooming in on it and then saving the portion that you see on the LCD screen. This allows you to get rid of anything that is unwanted around the edges or just give your images a better composition.

Resize allows you to make a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured. The camera can save a new file in the Medium or Small resolutions. This does not work the other way, you cannot make your images larger.

Any image can be uploaded from the camera to a connected smartphone using the Panasonic Image App. When a smartphone is not connected, you can still use this feature to set images to be uploaded when a smartphone is connected.

All captured movies and 4K burst MP4's can be played back on the camera's LCD screen. Normal video files will also play sound through the camera's internal speaker. All movies, including the 4K videos will play smoothly on the screen. For a larger, better quality viewing, the camera can be connected to any 4K or HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. Still images and videos can be controlled via the camera in this fashion. The bottom right icon allows you to capture and save any frame from any video. Keep in mind, if you are shooting to capture a still, the 4K burst modes will give you the best results.

Custom Menu:
  • Cust. Set Mem. - C1, C2, C3
  • Silent Mode - On or Off
  • AF/AE Lock - AE Lock, AF Lock, AF/AE Lock, AF-On
  • AF/AE Lock Hold - On or Off
  • Shutter AF - On or Off
  • Half Press Release - On or Off
  • Quick AF - On or Off
  • Eye Sensor AF - On or Off
  • AF Assist Lamp - On or Off
  • Direct Focus Area - On or Off
  • Focus/Release Priority - Focus, Release
  • AF+MF - On or Off
  • MF Assist - On or Off
  • MF Assist Display - Full, PIP
  • MF Guide - On or Off
  • Peaking - On, Off, Set
  • Histogram - On or Off
  • Guide Line - Thirds, Center, Adjustable, Off
  • Highlight - On or Off
  • Zebra Pattern - Zebra 1, Zebra 2, Off, Set
  • Monochrome Live View - On or Off
  • Expo. Meter - On or Off
  • Dial Guide - On or Off
  • LVF Disp. Style - Display Icons within or outside of Live View Area
  • Monitor Disp. Style - Display Icons within or outside of Live View Area
  • Rec Area - Still Image, Video
  • Remaining Disp. - Number of Images, Recording Time
  • Auto Review - Duration, Playback Operation Priority
  • Fn Button Set - Setting in REC mode, Setting in PLAY mode
  • Zoom Lever - Normal, Preset focal lengths, exposure control
  • Zoom Resume - On or Off
  • Ring/Dial Set - Set the functions of the focus ring and command dial
  • Eye Sensor - Sensitivitiy (High, Low), LVF/Monitor Switch (LVF/MON Auto, LVF, MON)
  • Touch Settings - Adust Touch Screen, Tab, AF and Pad AF settings
  • Touch Scroll - High, Low
  • Menu Guide - On or Off

Camera Setup Menu:
  • Online Manual - Displays the URL or QR code to the camera's manual
  • Clock Set - Set the time and date
  • World Time - Set Home and Destination (if traveling) time zones
  • Travel Date - Set date of travel
  • WiFi - Control and Setup the WiFi settings and connected devices
  • Beep - Changes the volume of several of the camera settings
  • Live View Mode - 30fps, 60fps
  • Monitor Display - Adjust brightness and color balance
  • Monitor Luminance - Auto, Bright, Normal, Dark
  • Economy - Sleep Mode (1, 2, 5, 10 min.), Auto LVF/Monitor Off (1, 2, 5 min.)
  • USB Mode - PC, PictBridge, Select on Connection
  • TV Connection - TV Aspect (16:9, 4:3), HDMI Mode (Play), HDMI Info Display (Rec), Vierra Link
  • m/ft - standard or metric
  • Menu Resume - On or Off
  • Menu Background - Choose background color
  • Menu Information - Show descriptions of menu items
  • Language - Choose the menu language
  • Version Disp. - Firmware version
  • Exposure Comp. Reset - On or Off
  • Self-Timer Auto Off - On or Off
  • No. Reset - Reset file numbering counter
  • Reset - Reset all settings to factory default
  • Reset WiFi Settings - Return all settings to factory defaults
  • Demo Mode - On or Off
  • Format - Format the memory card

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