Record Screens & Menus

iAuto makes the GH4 as easy to use as the simplest of point-n-shoot cameras. In this mode, the only thing you have to do is compose your images and the camera will do the rest. This advanced mode chooses all of your camera settings, including the correct scene mode, if one should apply. This provides the best results to those who do not have a photography background.

Program is another automatic shooting mode in which the camera gives you a little more control over the final outcome of the images. Some of the settings like ISO, WB and exposure compensation give the user some creative freedom while the camera still handles the exposure work. Pressing the DISP. button on the back of the camera allows you to change the amount of information that is shown on the LCD screen.

Manual mode gives complete control of the camera to photographer. All settings, including manual focus if you would like, are at the users control. Great EVF/LCD features like focus peaking and focus magnification make it easy to manual focus accurately.

Art Filters:
  • Expressive
  • Retro
  • Old Days
  • High Key
  • Low Key
  • Sepia
  • Monochrome
  • Dynamic Monochrome
  • Rough Monochrome
  • Silky Monochrome
  • Impressive Art
  • High Dynamic
  • Cross Process
  • Toy Effect
  • Toy Pop
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Miniature Effect
  • Soft Focus
  • Fantasy
  • Star Filter
  • One Point Color
  • Sunshine

The quick menu allows for the quick changing of common shooting settings while using the LCD. This menu is quick and easy when making changes during a shoot, and the touch screen makes it even easier to make your selections.

Three buttons across the top of the camera give you access to the WB, ISO and exposure compensation settings at any time while shooting. These menus will show up on the LCD or the EVF and change via the command dial.

Program Shooting Menu:
  • Photo style - Standard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Scenery, Portrait, Custom
  • Aspect ratio - 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1
  • Picture size - 16M, 8M, 4M
  • Quality - Fine, Standard, RAW+Fine, RAW+Standard, RAW
  • Metering Mode - multi-metering, center-weighted, spot
  • Burst Rate - SH, H, M, L
  • Auto Bracket - Set the parameters for the camera to shoot automatic bracketed images
  • Self Timer - 10 sec, 2 sec, 10 sec (3 images)
  • Time Lapse/Animation - Choose your time lapse settings
  • Highlight Shadow - Use curves to adjust highlight and shadow
  • i.Dynamic - Auto, High, Standard, Low, Off
  • i.Resolution - High, Standard, Low Extended, Off
  • iHandheld Night Shot - On or Off (iAuto only)
  • iHDR - On or Off (iAuto only)
  • HDR - On, Off, Set (Dynamic Range: Auto, ±1-3EV - Auto Alighn: On or Off)
  • Multi Exp. - Start, Auto Gain, Overlay options
  • Electronic Shutter - On or Off
  • Shutter Delay - Off, 1 sec, 2 sec, 4 sec, 8 sec
  • Flash - Control all of the flash settings (Firing mode, Flash mode, Synchro, Adjust, Auto Exposure comp, Manual adjust, Wireless, Wireless Channel, ...)
  • Red-Eye Removal - On or Off
  • ISO Limit Set - auto, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • ISO Increments - 1/3 EV, 1 EV
  • Extended ISO - On or Off
  • Long Shutter NR - On or Off
  • Shading Comp. - On or Off
  • Ex. Tele Conv. - Off, Zoom, Tele Conv.
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 2x, 4x
  • Color Space - sRGB, AdobeRGB
  • Stabilizer - Vertical or Vertical and Horizontal
  • Face Recognition - On, Off, Memory
  • Profile Setup - Baby 1-2, Pet, Off, Set

Custom Menu:
  • Cust. Set Mem. - C1, C2, C3-1, C3-2, C3-3
  • Silent Mode - On or Off
  • AF/AE Lock - AE Lock, AF Lock, AF/AE Lock, AF-On
  • AF/AE Lock Hold - On or Off
  • Shutter AF - On or Off
  • Half Press Release - On or Off
  • Quick AF - On or Off
  • Eye Sensor AF - On or Off
  • Pinpoint AF Time - Long, Mid, Short
  • AF Assist Lamp - On or Off
  • Direct Focus Area - On or Off
  • Focus/Release Priority - Focus, Release
  • AF+MF - On or Off
  • MF Assist - Manual Ring or AF button, Manual Ring, AF button, Off
  • MF Guide - On or Off
  • Peaking - On, Off, Set
  • Histogram - On or Off
  • Guide Line - Thirds, Center, Adjustable, Off
  • Center Marker - On or Off
  • Highlight - On or Off
  • Zebra Pattern - Zebra 1, Zebra 2, Off, Set
  • Monochrome Live View - On or Off
  • Constant Preview - On or Off
  • Expo. Meter - On or Off
  • Dial Guide - On or Off
  • LVF Disp. Style - Display Icons within or outside of Live View Area
  • Monitor Disp. Style - Display Icons within or outside of Live View Area
  • Monitor Info. Disp. - On or Off
  • Rec Area - Still Image, Video
  • Video-Priority Display - On or Off
  • Auto Review - Duration, Playback Operation Priority
  • Fn Button Set - Setting in REC mode, Setting in PLAY mode
  • Q. Menu - Preset, Custom
  • Set Dial - Assign Dial, Rotation, Exposure Comp
  • Video Button - On or Off
  • Power Zoom Lens - Settings for use with an electronic power zoom lens
  • Lens w/o Focus Ring - Focus settings for a lens with no focus ring
  • Touch Settings - Touch Screen, Touch Tab, Touch AF, Touch Pad AF
  • Touch Scroll - High, Low
  • Menu Guide - On or Off
  • Shoot w/o Lens - On or Off

Along with still image capture, the GH4 is one of the leading ILCs when it comes to video capture as well. The GH4 offers more options and settings than just about any other camera. Full manual shooting allows for total control on both the video and audio ends. Both 1080p HD video and 4K video are possible, allowing you the highest resolution and quality available.

Video Recording Menu:
  • Photo Style - Standard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Scenery, Portrait, Custom, Cinelike D, Cinelike V
  • 4K Photo - On, Off, Set
  • Rec Format - AVCHD, MP4, MP4 (LPCM), MOV
  • Rec Quality - Choose from the various qualities based on the Rec Format
  • Exposure Mode - Program, Aperture, Shutter, Manual
  • Variable Frame Rate - On, Off, Set
  • Picture Mode - Images either recorded at small or at the size and quality set in still image mode
  • Continuous AF - On or Off
  • Level Shot - On or Off
  • Metering Mode - Evaluative, Center, Spot
  • Highlight Shadow - Use curves to adjust highlight and shadow
  • i.Dynamic - Auto, High, Standard, Low, Off
  • i.Resolution - High, Standard, Low, Extended, Off
  • Master Pedestal Level - -15 to +15
  • Luminance Level - 16-255, 0-255, 16-235
  • Synchro Scan - Reduces flicker under fluorescent lights
  • External Tele Conv. - On or Off
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 2x, 4x
  • Time Code - Time Code Display, Count Up, Time Code Value, Time Code Mode
  • HDMI Rec Output - Bit Mode, Info Disp, 4K Down Convert
  • Sound Output - Realtime, Rec Sound
  • Silent Operation - On or Off
  • Mic Level Disp. - On or Off
  • Mic Level Adjust - Manually adjust the levels of the microphone
  • Special Mic. - Settings for use with external mic
  • Mic Level Limiter - On or Off
  • Wind Cut - Auto, High, Standard, Low, Off
  • Lens Noise Cut - Reduces noise of zoom on electronic zoom lenses
  • SS/Gain Operation - SEC/ISO, ANGLE/ISO, SEC/dB
  • Color Bars - SMPTE, EBU, ARIB

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