Record Screens & Menus

The GH2 does not output video while in record mode, therefore we had to photograph the LCD for some of the below screen captures.

iAuto mode allows anyone to pick up the camera and start shooting. The camera will take care of all of the settings. All the operator needs to do is pick a subject, zoom and shoot.

Program mode is also automatic, but allows the user to set a wide variety of camera settings before shooting. This allows for more creativity while still allowing the camera to create the exposure.

Manual mode, along with Aperture and Shutter priority modes, give the user full control over the entire camera. Here the user must set all of the exposure settings. This gives you the most control and creativity and allows even the most advanced users to have fun with this camera.

The Q.Menu button allows you to scroll through the settings that are shown on the LCD screen, giving you the opportunity to change any of them without entering a separate menu screen.

As you would find on a compact camera, the 4-way controller also acts a set of shortcut buttons to popular camera settings. Pressing up takes you to the ISO settings, Right to the white balance settings and down and left are the #2 and #3 Fn buttons that can be programmed for any setting you choose.


Here you can see the shooting information display when you are not using the LCD as the live viewfinder.


Custom Menu:

  • Custom Set Memory - Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
  • Fn Button Set - Set the function of the 3 Fn buttons
  • Histogram - Off or On
  • Guide Line - Enable grid lines to assist in framing
  • Highlight - On or Off
  • AF/AE Lock - AF, AE, AF/AE
  • AF/AE Lock Hold - On or Off
  • PRE AF - Off, Q-AF, C-AF
  • Direct AF Area - Off or On
  • Focus Priority - On or Off
  • Shutter AF - On or Off
  • AF Assist Lamp - On or Off
  • AF + MF - On or Off
  • MF Assist - On or Off
  • MF Guide - On or Off
  • Preview Hold - On or Off
  • Constant Review - On or Off
  • EXPO. Meter - On or Off
  • EXPO. Settings - Switch by pressing front dial or switch by pressing LVF/LCD button
  • LVF DISP. Style - LCD or Viewfinder style
  • LCD DISP. Style - LCD or Viewfinder style
  • LCD Info DISP. - 1 (Brown), 2 (Red), or 3 (Black)
  • LVF/LCD Switch - Auto Switch, Sensitivity
  • Movie Button - On or Off; set whether or not the Movie shutter release is operational or not
  • Still/Movie REC Area - Change the angle of for still photo or video recording; Picture or Motion picture view
  • Remaining Disp. - Display number of remaining shots or remaining time
  • Touch Q.Menu - On or Off
  • Touch Shutter - On or Off
  • Touch Guide - On or Off
  • Touch Scroll - H, L
  • Dial Guide - On or Off
  • Menu Resume - Brings you back to the last menu item you adjusted. On or Off
  • Pixel Refresh - perform optimization of imaging device and image processing
  • Sensor Cleaning - Activates the Dust Reduction system to remove any dust or debris from the image sensor
  • Shoot W/O Lens - On or Off

The My Menu function remembers that last 5 items that were used, so you can easily recall frequently used settings.


Record Menu:

  • Film Mode - Standard, Dynamic, Smooth, Nature, Nostalgic, Vibrant, B&W (standard, dynamic, smooth)My Film 1-2, Multi-Film, Cinema
  • Aspect - 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1
  • Picture Size - Large, Medium, Small
  • Quality - High JPEG, Low JPEG, RAW + High JPEG, RAW + Low JPEG, RAW
  • Face Recognition - On, Off, Memory, Set
  • Metering mode - Intelligent Multiple, Center-weighted, or Spot
  • Optical Image Stabilization Mode - Mode 1, 2, 3
  • Flash - Auto, Auto w/Red-eye, Forced, Forced w/Red-eye, Slow sync, Slow sync w/Red-eye
  • D.Red-Eye - On or Off
  • Flash Sync - 1st, 2nd
  • Flash Adjust - ± 2 in 1/3 increments
  • I.Resolution - Off, Low, Standard, High, Extended
  • I.Dynamic - Off, Low, Standard, High
  • ISO Limit Set - Off, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • Long Shutter Noise Reduction - On, Off
  • Ex. Tele Conv. - On, Off
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 2x, 4x
  • Burst Rate - High, Medium, Low
  • Auto Bracket - Step (1/3 or 2/3 for 3, 5, or 7 frames), Sequence (0, -, +)(-, 0, +)
  • Aspect Bracket - On or Off
  • Self-Timer - 10, 10x3 (captures 3 frames), 2 seconds
  • Color Space - Standard RGB, Adobe RGB

Motion Picture Menu:
  • Film Mode - Standard, Dynamic, Smooth, Nature, Nostalgic, Vibrant, B&W (standard, dynamic, smooth)My Film 1-2, Multi-Film, Cinema
  • Rec Mode - AVCHD Lite or Motion JPEG
  • Rec Quality - Super High Quality, High Quality, Low Quality
  • Exposure Mode - Program, Aperture, Shutter, Manual (M. Movie mode only)
  • Picture Mode - Movie, Still
  • Continuous AF - On or Off
  • Metering Mode - Multi, Center, Spot
  • I.Dynamic - Off, Low, Standard, High
  • Wind Cut - Off, Low, Standard, HIgh
  • MIC Level Display - On or Off
  • MIC Level Adjust - Levels 1-4
  • Ex. Tele Conv. - On, Off
  • Digital Zoom - Off, 2x, 4x
  • REC Highlight -

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