Features & Controls (cont.)

Controls on the grip include the shutter release with control wheel mounted out front. Next you can see the Q.Menu and Film mode buttons. The Mode dial has positions for iAuto (intelligent), Program AE, Aperture and Shutter priorities, full Manual, Creative Motion Picture, Custom, SCN, Night portrait, Sports, Macro, Landscape, Portrait, and My Color exposure modes. The Drive mode selector and main power switch are mounted around it.

On the back is a 270 degree rotating 3.0-inch, 460,000-dot, polycrystalline TFT color LCD. When using this monitor to frame your shots, it offers 100% frame coverage. Here you can also see the GH1 in black.


Controls on the back: Top left you can see the LVF/LCD button. To the right of the viewfinder you can see the Play and AF/AE Lock buttons. Next is the Movie mode shutter release. To the right of the LCD you can see the Display button, which controls the amount of information that is overlaid on the LCD or LVF.

Next, we have the 4-way controller. It's used to navigate the menu system, scroll through stored files, and access various shortcut options. Press it 'Up' to adjusts the ISO, 'Right' for white balance, 'Down' for Fn (default is metering mode) , and "Left" to choose the AF area mode. Lastly we have the Preview/image delete button.

Here you can see the Shooting Info display. When you are not using Live View mode, this graphical interface shows many of the selected exposure settings, much like the monochrome LCDs did on older dSLR models.

Shooting Info display:

    21 - Recording mode
    20 - Aperture value
    19 - Shutter speed
    23,37 - AF frame setting/Face Recognition
    10 - Battery indicator
    15,29 - Number of recordable pictures/Available recording time
    17 - ISO
    16,30,31 - White balance, WB bracket, WB fine adjustment
    22 - Metering mode
    9 - Intelligent exposure
    1,24,25 - Flash mode, Flash output adjustment, 2nd curtain sync
    5,6,26 - Movie Rec mode, Still Picture size, Extended optical zoom
    3 - Optical Image Stabilizer mode
    5,7 - Movie/Still Quality
    2 - Film mode
    4 - Drive mode
    18, 32 - Exposure comp. value, Manual exposure assistance, My color mode

Secure Digital Storage

The DMC-GH1 is equipped with a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot and is compatible with any capacity SD, SDHC or MMC card. Shown here with a SanDisk Ultra II High-speed 4GB SDHC card.

I/O Interfaces


The I/O ports are on the left side. At the top left, hidden behind the port door, is a combination input for using either an external microphone or the optional DMW-RSL1 (approx. $79) remote shutter release. Next is the MiniHDMI Type C I/O port for full HD output. Last we have the combination port on the bottom that handles both standard definition A/V OUT (user- selectable NTSC or PAL) for output to a TV as well as USB 2.0 (high-speed) connectivity for transferring image data to the host computer.

Power Source

The DMC-GH1 uses a 7.2V 1250mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. It is recharged with the supplied Quick Charger. Panasonic claims the battery life is sufficient for capturing 300 still photos with the LCD or up to 320 using the LVF.

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