Playback Screens & Menus

The playback screen with minimal information displayed offers two touch screen icons: index view and trash. You can change the playback view using the touch screen or rear thumb dial. You can scroll through images using the four-way control, or swipe your finger across the touch screen.

Movie Playback:

If the above image was a movie, a playback icon would be displayed in the middle of the screen. During playback a touch screen control panel is displayed that allows you to play/pause, fast forward/rewind, play frame-by-frame rewind or forward, and adjust the volume level.

Also, when paused during movie playback, you can touch a camera icon to take a 2M still picture from the video.

This is the playback with info view, which includes a number of camera settings. Among them is my incorrectly entered name for face recognition, having named my knight in shining armor "Etgan".

Playback with more information expands the camera settings used and reduces the size of the photo.

A further press of the Display button will launch the histogram display.

Calendar view is well laid out, highlighting the date of the photo in question. Note how the icon in the lower left lets you know that the thumb dial will take you to index view.

Index view comes in two flavors, the first displaying 12 images. The vertical bar on the right is a touch screen element that you can drag for navigating through pages of images. The icons in the lower left tell you that the thumb dial will take you to either a 30-image index view or single-picture view.

The index view with 30 images functions the same as the 12-image display. You can scroll using the touch screen bar or tap on desired photos. In the lower left is a baby icon because for the selected photo I had told the camera that my knight statue was, in fact, a baby.

You can magnify the playback, starting with 2X magnification (shown here). In the bottom left, the icons indicate the thumb wheel function: increasing magnification to 4X or canceling magnified view. You can also use the touch screen buttons - the button near the lower right lets you jump to 10X magnification.

The 8X magnification gets you quite close to details in your photos.

16X magnification gets you so close to the fine details in your photos, it's sometimes difficult to tell where you are in the photo.

The main playback menu is launched from this entry menu screen, which offers quick access to the five menu areas.

Playback menu:

  • Normal playback
  • 30-thumbnail display
  • 12-thumbnail display
  • Calendar display
  • Zoomed playback (Max. 16x)
  • Slideshow (duration & effect is selectable)
  • Playback Mode (Normal, Picture, Video, 3D Play, Category, Favorite)
  • Title Edit
  • Text Stamp
  • Video Divide
  • Resize
  • Cropping
  • Rotate
  • Favorite
  • DPOF Print Set
  • Protect
  • Face Recognition Edit

The playback menu offers a typical assortment for setting up slide shows, adjusting the playback mode, editing titles and dividing video.

Page two of the playback menu offers a minimal selection for resizing, cropping and rotating images. You can't apply any of the creative filters after the fact.

The last page of the Playback menu is for protecting images and editing the information (such as name or birthday) you've entered for facial recognition.

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