Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. Though the S9300 includes an A/V cable, due to technical difficulties we had to photograph the display screen.

The playback screen pictured above shows the maximum amount of information you can have the camera display for your images. Note that the icon at bottom left tells you how to access editing options (pressing upward on the four-way control).

panasonic DMC-FZ60_playback-less info.jpg
Pressing the display button will take away the two lines of camera settings information at the lower left of the screen. Pressing the display button once more will take away all overlaid text information.

As indicated by the icon at lower left, pressing upward on the four-way control takes you to image editing options, which are the same as the options for Creative Control mode (selectable on the mode dial).

Retouch menu:

  • Expressive
  • Retro
  • High key
  • Low key
  • Sepia
  • Dynamic monochrome
  • Impressive art
  • High dynamic
  • Cross process
  • Toy effect
  • Miniature effect
  • Soft focus
  • Star filter
  • One point color

In playback mode you can magnify your images from 2X (shown above) up to 16X.

Being able to zoom in on your images up to 16X allows you to critically inspect the focus and details. Though in this handheld shot taken from a moving car the lack of sharpness doesn't warrant such close inspection, it's worth noting how far the camera can zoom in compared to the 2X magnification above.

Pressing the zoom ring leftward launches index view. The first screen shows a 12-image index page. Scrolling through the images is made fairly easy using the rear dial which, again, doubles as a button - pressing it inward selects the highlighted image for viewing.

Pressing the zoom ring leftward again launches a 30-image index view.

panasonic dmc-FZ60_menu-playback-mode.jpg
The playback mode menu is launched by the center button of the four-way control (menu/set).

Playback mode menu:
  • Normal play
  • Slideshow: all, picture only, video only, 3-D play, category selection (face recognition, portrait, scenery, night portrait, sports, baby, pet, food, travel date)
  • Filtering play: picture only, video only, 3-D play, category selection
  • Favorite
  • Calendar

The playback menu is accessed by pressing down on the four-way control from the playback mode menu page (pictured above).

Playback menu:
  • Upload set: single, multi, cancel
  • Title edit: single, multi
  • Text stamp: single, multi
  • Video divide
  • Resize: single, multi
  • Cropping
  • Levelling
  • Favorite: single, multi, cancel
  • Print set: single, multi, cancel
  • Protect
  • Face recognition edit: replace, delete
  • Copy: built-in memory to SD Card, SD Card to built-in memory

When playing back a movie you can use the display button to change the information display. Shown is the most detailed information display. Pressing the display button again will remove all information, while another press will show all information except for the shooting mode used - in this case iAuto plus mode.

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