Features & Controls

The large 1-inch, 20.1-Megapixel high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor combines with a powerful processor and LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT zoom lens to produce its excellent still image and video quality and performance. The 16x optical zoom lens gives you an outstanding zoom range that is ready for any situation. It also features a maximum aperture of f/2.8 - 4.0, allowing you to shoot with ease in low-light situations. Assisting with your low-light shooting, the 5-axis optical image stabilization helps greatly to steady your handheld images with such a large optical zoom.

Focus Range:
  • Normal: Wide 30 cm - infinity / Tele 100 cm - infinity/ AF Macro / MF / Intelligent Auto
  • Motion Picture: Wide 3 cm - infinity / Tele 100 cm - infinity

To assist you with your low-light shooting, Panasonic has included a small pop-up flash unit on the FZ1000. With a range of up to 13.5m at ISO Auto, it has a good range for a built-in unit as long as you stay as close as you can to your subjects. For more power, there are several external flash units available.

The 3.0-inch, 921k dot LCD can articulated to just about any shooting angle you could ever possibly need. This allows you to accurately compose your images in tough situations instead of shooting and hoping for the best. The bright screen is easy to see in most lighting conditions, and in case of glare, it can be tilted or turned slightly.

Another option for composing your images is the 2,359k dot EVF. Giving you the feel of an optical viewfinder on a dSLR, this screen provides more information and an accurate preview of your shooting settings/image capture before you capture the image. This is a big advantage over an OVF. Below the EVF is a sensor that automatically turns on the EVF when the camera is put up to your face. To the left of the EVF is the LVF/Fn5 button. By default it will switch the display between the EVF and LCD.

On the top left of the camera you will find a dial that changes the drive mode (burst and timer modes) of the camera. To the right of the dial is a switch to open the flash, hot shoe for external accessories and the built-in stereo microphone.

On the right side of the camera (top) you will find the mode dial, shutter release coupled by the zoom lever, dedicated video recording button, Fn1 and Fn2/WiFi buttons. The Fn buttons can be programmed for both record and playback modes, allowing you a great deal of customization to your camera.


Controls on back: Starting at the top left is the AF/AE Lock button coupled by the focus mode selector switch, Fn3, Playback and DISP. buttons. Top right is the command dial for easy selection and adjusting of your camera settings. At the bottom you will find the 4-way controller and Fn4 button. The 4-way controller also acts as a shortcut to the WB, ISO, Macro and AF mode settings.


On the side of the lens you will find two switches. On top is a switch that changes the function of the dial around the lens between adjusting the zoom or the focus. On the bottom is the switch to turn the Optical Image Stabilization on or off.


On the right side of the camera you will find 3 of the 4 I/O ports. On top is the input for a remote shutter release. In the middle is the HDMI output, allowing you to view your still images and HD videos on any HDTV with an optional HDMI cable. At the bottom is a high speed USB port that allows the camera to connect and transfer images with a computer or printer.

Your captured still images and videos are stored on a SD/SDHC/SDXC type memory card. With the fast burst capabilities and amazing 1080p and 4K video capture, you will want to have the largest and fastest cards that you can get your hands on. The camera is shown here with the very fast SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 SDHC memory card that was used to test the camera.

Powering the FZ1000 is a 7.2V, 1200mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. This battery is enough for the camera to capture up to 360 images on a single charge (CIPA standards). Also included with the camera is the portable charging unit shown above. This allows you to keep you battery charged and ready to go, even while you are on the road. It also makes it easy to keep a spare ready to go, just in case.

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