Physical Views / Features & Controls


Capturing the images for the A1 is a combination of a fixed focal length 2.6mm lens, providing a 120° standard viewing angle (150° wide), and a 3.54-Megapixel 1/3" MOS imaging sensor. Working together they capture high quality, full 1080p HD video in just about any lighting conditions. Its weather-sealed, tough body lets you take it anywhere and expose it to the elements without any problems.

Under the back cap is the high speed USB port, used for charging the camera and transferring images images to a computer. Built-in WiFi is another great way to transfer images from the camera. Along with transferring images, WiFi also allows you to use a smartphone as a monitor for the camera.

To store you captured videos and images, the A1 uses Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC format memory cards. This card slips into the back of the camera, and with the size and speeds of today's cards, there is no limit to the adventures you can record.

To the right of the camera is external extended battery pack. Larger than the camera itself, it can extend the life of the camera an additional 80 minutes. This will make the camera much larger, and depending on the mount much harder to wear. The extended battery attached to the camera can be seen below.

Extended battery with camera.

The included mount above allows you to strap the camera to just about anything. Featuring strong Velcro straps, you will have no fear of the camera coming off. Along with this strap, there is a wide variety of other, more specific mounts available.

This head mount holds the camera just under your actual eye level, giving a great first person view of everything you look at. Not shown is a rubber strap that connects across the front to secure it to your head. Once on securely, it is surprisingly comfortable and easy to get used too.

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