Features & Controls

The XZ-1 comes with an iZUIKO Digital 4x wide f1.8 - 2.5 fixed optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 28 - 112mm. When powered down the lens retracts into the body, and Olympus provides a lens cap for safety while transporting. Along side this fast 4x zoom lens, Olympus has incorporated a large 1/1.63 inch CCD image sensor into the XZ-1. This sensor further enhances the cameras low light performance with improved image quality at higher ISO speeds.


If you look closely above you will see the adjustable lens control ring around the extended lens, offered by the XZ-1. This allows you to change a variety of settings depending on what mode the camera is in. For example, in Program mode the dial will adjust your ISO speed, and changing the camera mode will change what setting the dial controls.

On the top right of the XZ-1 you will find the Mode Dial to the far right next to the shutter release, with positions for iAuto (Intelligent Auto), Program, Aperture priority, Shutter speed priority, Manual, Custom, Low light, SCN, and ART. Left of the mode dial is the shutter release button with the zoom control toggle wrapped around it. Also shown is the power on/off button.

Built-in Flash Unit


The XZ-1 is equipped with a manual pop-up flash unit that is tucked away inside the body.


Here you can see the built-in flash from the back view, along with the button that needs to be pushed to engage the flash.

Hot Shoe for External Units


This is the XZ-1's hot shoe accessory port that accepts a variety of external units, including many of the PEN accessories. Below we have installed the FL-14 electronic flash to give you an idea of what capabilities this port has.

External Flash


Olympus FL-14

While designed specifically for use with their Digital PEN cameras, through our testing we found that the super compact FL-14 external flash unit is also compatible with other Olympus models. With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 14 at ISO 100 (or 20 at ISO 200), you can accomplish great flash photography without having to carry around a bulky external unit.

Olympus E-P1 SLR

The FL-14 also features an energy circuit that improves recharge rates (approx. 5 sec. recycle time) and enables the flash to operate on just two AAA batteries. In addition, the FL-14 incorporates these features:

  • Compact and stylish silver metal exterior
  • Guide Number 20 at ISO 200
  • 28mm equivalent coverage
  • AAA batteries x2 provide about 80 shots at full power
  • Approximately 5 second recycle time
  • 3 modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, Manual

Located on the back is of the XZ-1 is a 3-inch (610,000 dot) OLED monitor for viewing and snapping photos.

Here are the XZ-1 controls on the back right of the camera: At the top we see the red record button that starts and stops the recording of a movie. Above the 4-way pad is the Play button that can be set to turn the camera on, and will select between playback and record mode. In the middle we see the 4-way pad surrounding the OK button. This is used to navigate through all menus and for applying selected options. Pressing the OK button will bring up a shortcut menu that allows you to quickly change many settings. Also the 4-way is used for quick access to frequently used settings: Down will bring up the self-timer selections, right shows the flash options, up allows access to the exposure compensation, and left gives you access to choose the focus points used. The Menu button on the bottom brings up all menu selections and the Info button to the right of that is used for scrolling through different display options during snapping or viewing in playback.

Secure Digital Storage

The XZ-1 is equipped with a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot and is compatible with any capacity SD or SDHC card. We show a spacious Sandisk Extreme 4GB SDHC memory card.

I/O Interfaces

The I/O ports are located on the right side of the XZ-1. The top port is a combination port that handles the charging of the camera, acts as the USB port, as well as the A/V port. The smaller of the two on the bottom is the HDMI port that allows the camera to be connected to a television.

Power Source

The XZ-1 uses an Olympus LI-50BA 3.7V 925mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. The battery can only be recharged inside that camera via the USB port with the included USB cable and adapter.

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