Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing the Play button will display the last recorded image or video. You can navigate through stored images by using the 4-way controller or rotating the Control Dial.

The INFO button controls the amount of detailed information that is displayed for an image. Above you can see an animation of the available options. Pressing the info button will scroll through the displayed options.

Using the zoom toggle to the Wide end will bring up the Index Display. This will show several images on the display screen at the same time, so you can quickly find the image you are looking for.


Using the zoom control to the telephoto end brings you to the Magnify option, also know as the Zoom playback function. This allows you to closely inspect images by zooming in, in several steps. Using the 4-way pad you can move around the photo and select certain areas, that you want to inspect more closely.


Playback menu options:

  • Slide show - select options for slide-show of images
  • Edit - select editing options for JPEG
  • Print Order - select all
  • Erase - select images to erase
  • Image Lock - Lock images so they cannot be deleted
  • Rotate - select image to rotate

Movie files are played back at full screen. Once playback starts, you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, and play frame-by-frame. To adjust the volume you simply use the 4-way pad up or down. Pressing the OK button during playback allows you to pause, watch in slow-motion, and move back and forth through the video with ease.

JPEG Edit menu options:

  • Shadow Adjustment - Helps brighten dark backlight objects
  • Redeye Fix - Remove occurrences of Redeye in you portrait images
  • Crop - Crop a section of an image and save as a new file
  • Aspect - Convert the image aspect ratio (3:2, 16:9, 6:6)
  • Black&White - Convert an image to black&white
  • Sepia - Convert an image to sepia tone
  • Saturation - Adjust the color depth of an image
  • Resize - Save an image to a smaller size (1280x960, 640x480, 320x240)
  • e-Portrait - Saves an image as a new MSF image with adjustments to enhance skin tones

The XZ-1 also show it can edit RAW files in-camera, however our pre-production model would not allow us to access this function.

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