Playback Screens & Menus

The default playback view has no icons or info on screen. Pressing upward on the four-way control adds the file number at top right and date/time at bottom right of the screen.

Olympus TG-870-playback-info.jpg
Another press upward on the four-way control adds camera settings information to the screen, such as shooting mode, a histogram, shutter speed and aperture setting.

Olympus TG-870-playback-zoom2.jpg
You can significantly magnify your shots in playback mode using the zoom lever.

Olympus TG-870-playback-index.jpg
There is only one index view in playback mode, which displays 20 thumbnails. Although the TG-870 lacks a thumb dial, navigating thumbnails requires the minimum of button presses. For example, when navigating upward, after the page flips, the cursor goes to the top row, so you only have to press the upward button once to get to the next page, and so on.

Olympus TG-870-playback-edit.jpg
In-camera editing features are very basic. You can not apply filters or effects after the fact. Adjustments are limited to cropping and simple fixes like shadow adjustment.

Playback editing menu:
  • Create low volume image (3M, VGA)
  • Trim
  • Record 4-second audio
  • Shadow adjustment (brightens faces)
  • Red-eye fix
  • Rotate
  • e-Portrait (smooths skin tone for viewing on HDTV)

Olympus TG-870-playback-movie1.jpg
In playback mode, film strip graphics appear above and below video files. When you press the OK button to begin playback, these go away.

Olympus TG-870-playback-movie-edit.jpg
Editing movies is as basic as still image editing. You can capture a single frame as a still image file, or trim a video from the beginning and ending.

Movie edit menu:
  • In-movie image capture
  • Movie trimming

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