Features & Controls

The 5x zoom lens on the TG-870 does not telescope out from the body, but remains behind a protective window. The lens boasts an ultra-wide angle of 21mm (35mm equivalent).

Images are recorded to a 16-megapixel backlit CMOS image sensor, with the aid of a TruePic VII image processor.

Lens specifications:
  • 5x Optical Zoom (21mm-105mm equivalent)
  • f/3.5-5.7

AF modes:
  • Face/iESP
  • Spot
  • AF Tracking

Metering modes:
  • ESP
  • Spot

Olympus TG-870-back-angled-LCD-up.jpg

    The 3-inch LCD can be angled upward 180 degrees, a feature that debuted on its predecessor, the TG-860. The bright screen has a resolution of 921k dots.

Olympus TG-870-LCD-up.jpg
With the LCD flipped all the way up, you can use it to frame self portraits. What makes taking "selfies" even easier is the programmable button on the front of the camera (in red, at bottom left). The company calls it the Face button. To take your selfie using your right hand instead of your left, you can flip the camera upside down.

Olympus TG-870-front-detail-button.jpg
The Face Button should not be confused with what look to be two other buttons on the front panel, with a red ring. These are just part of the body.

One of five functions can be assigned to this button. You also can customize the movie record button on the top of the back panel to do one of these functions.

Face button/movie record button functions:

  • Shoot photo
  • Record movie
  • Monitor boost
  • LED
  • Super macro
  • Off
Olympus TG-870-top-detail.jpg
The controls atop the camera are basic. The zoom lever sits to the right of the shutter button.

Olympus TG-870-back-controls.jpg
On the back of the camera is a customizable movie record button, an eight-position mode dial, playback button, four-way control and Menu/Wi-Fi button.

The four-way control does not include a dial, so menu navigation is limited to pressing buttons.

Notice that the eight-position mode dial does not have a movie position. You can record video regardless of the position selected on the mode dial.

Olympus TG-870-flash.jpg
The flash is built into the body, and does not spring up. Published specifications do not include a range, but in my testing I found the flash to be quite weak, and to only have a usable range of about 10 feet.

Flash modes:
  • Auto
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Fill-in
  • Off
  • LED

Olympus TG-870-side-door-closed-angled.jpg
The easiest way to ruin an underwater camera is with water. And the easiest way in is through a door. So, this door has two locks to seal the body and protect the valuable electronics inside.

Olympus TG-870-battery-angled.jpg
Behind the door are the memory card and Li-ion battery slots. There are also two ports for connecting the camera to a computer or TV.

Memory card formats:
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
  • SD

  • Mini USB
  • Mini HDMI

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