Record Screens & Menus

Here we can see the SZ-30MR in iAuto mode. This is an intelligent exposure mode that offers fully automatic operation. You have very few options available, other than flash (due to it being a manual pop-up unit), self-timer, and image size/quality. The camera chooses everything for you, including which scene mode settings best fit the shot being framed; like macro above.

To control how much information is displayed on the LCD screen, you imply press "Up" on the 4-way controller. You can show basic information (shown above), movie gird (places a translucent frame showing you the video viewing area), grid lines with histogram display, or not information at all.

Half pressing the shutter release allows the camera to lock focus, exposure settings, and choose the scene mode settings (when in iAuto). The green rectangle shows the focus point the camera has chosen; green if AF is successful, Red if it fails. At the bottom of the screen you can see the exposure information the camera has chosen for the shot (1/8, F3.6).

Program mode is much like iAuto, in that the camera chooses all of the necessary exposure settings to get a good exposure. However, now you have access to a wealth of exposure options, including ISO speed, White balance, Exposure compensation, focus mode, etc. This mode is best for those who like to adjust settings to dial in a specific look, however they are no quite ready to take on full manual operation.

Here you can see the shortcut menu that is accessed by pressing the 4-way controller "Down", "Left", "Right", or the OK button in the center. Here you have access to a variety of often used settings; with the amount and available option varying depending on the mode you are currently using. If the setting you are looking for is not in the quick menu, you will have to select the "setup" option at the bottom to enter the main menu.

When you rotate the mode dial to the "SCN" position, the available modes are accessed by the shortcut menu. A brief description of the modes intended use is shown in the center, as you scroll through the options. Available Scene modes include: 1. PORTRAIT, 2. BEAUTY, 3. LANDSCAPE, 4. HAND-HELD STARLIGHT 5. NIGHT SCENE, 6. NIGHT+PORTRAIT, 7. SPORT, 8. INDOOR, 9. SELF PORTRAIT, 10. SUNSET, 11. FIREWORKS, 12. CUISINE, 13. DOCUMENTS, 14. BEACH & SNOW, 15. PET Mode - Cat, 16. PET Mode -Dog.

Magic filters allow you to explore your more creative side, with both stills and video. Just rotate the mode dial to the MAGIC position, and you will have access to 8 different settings: Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Drawing, Soft focus, Punk, Sparkle, and Watercolor.

Multi-recording is all new on the SZ-30MR. Rotating the mode dial to the MR settings lets you combine still and video capture, wide-angle and telephoto, Full HD and VGA video, or a Magic filters and a normal photo at the same time.

3D mode offers you the ability to capture two images from different eye perspectives (right and left), then combines them into one 3D image. You an choose to line up the photos Manually, or Automatically (recommended at first). The capture image can then be viewed on any 3D compatible display.

In Photo + Movie mode, the SZ-30MR will automatically record a short video clip both before and after you snap a photo. This is a very unique option, that allows you to only capture that spontaneous moment, but also some of the "fun" that was going on before and after.

Rec. Menu in Program mode:
  • Reset - put all settings back to factory defaults
  • Image Size - 16M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, 1M, VGA (640x480), 16:9 L, 16:9 S
  • Compression - Fine, Normal
  • Shadow Adjust - Auto, Off, On
  • AF Mode - Face/iESP, Spot, AF Tracking
  • Metering - ESP, Spot
  • Fine Zoom - On or Off
  • Digital Zoom - On or Off
  • Image Stabilizer - On or Off
  • AF Illumination - On or Off
  • Rec View - On or Off
  • Pic Orientation - On or Off
  • Icon Guide - On or Off
  • Date Stamp - On or Off

At any time while browsing the menu, if you are unsure of a settings purpose, you can press the "?" or Guide button on the back of the camera. This will bring up a brief description of what the option is.

When you start recording a video clip by pressing the dedicated movie record button, this is the screen you will see; depending on what the video resolution is set to. You will get a small REC symbol with a timer. You can record video at various resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, 360p, 180p, VGA, and QVGA. The frame rate is fixed at 30fps. In 1080p mode, you can choose Normal or Fine quality. Unlike most digicams, the SZ-30MR allows full use of the 24x optical zoom while recording, and you have access to IS in movie mode.

Video REC Menu:
  • Image Size - 1080p, 720p, 360p, 180p, VGA, QVGA
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • IS Movie Mode - On, Off
  • Audio Recording - On, Off

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