Features & Controls

The SZ-30MR sports a 24x wide optical zoom lens, which offers a versatile zoom range of 35mm equivalent of 25-600mm. This is an all glass lens with a maximum aperture range of F/3.0 (Wide) - f/6.9 (Telephoto). Olympus also incorporated their Dual Image Stabilization system on this model, which uses a combination of sensor-shift image stabilization and digital IS to help steady the camera when using the telephoto end of the zoom. When powered down, the lens retracts into the body, and a built-in lens cover protects the front of the lens. There are No threads for optional filters.

Focus Range:
  • Normal mode: Wide: 3.9" - infinity (0.1m - infinity); Tele: 15.7" - infinity (0.4m - infinity)
  • Macro mode: Wide: 3.9" - infinity (0.1m - infinity); Tele: 15.7" - infinity (0.4m - infinity)
  • Super Macro Mode: 1.18" - infinity (0.03 - infinity)

On top of the camera you will find a manual pop-up flash unit. The "Flash Up" switch is located on the side if the lens bezel, just within reach of your left hand. Although small, the flash offers a decent range. The available modes include; Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in, and Off.

Effective flash range:
  • Wide: 0.33ft (0.1m) - 30.5ft (9.3m) at ISO 1600
  • Tele: 1.31ft (0.4m) - 13.1ft (4.0m) at ISO 1600

Located on the top of the SZ-30MR you will find a mode switch, On/Off button, and the shutter release with zoom control mounted around it. The zoom controls also toggle the Index and Magnify options in playback mode. The mode dial has positions for: iAuto, SCN (16 modes), 3D, Movie, Magic, Multi-Recording, Photo & Movie capture, and Program AE mode.

Occupying the majority of the available real estate on the back of the SZ-30MR is a nice 3.0-inch LCD screen, with 460,000 dots of resolution. This is the only viewfinder on the camera, and thanks to its higher resolution, it displays a nice bright and crisp image. You can see the display in various lighting conditions as well, thanks to 5 brightness settings.


Controls on Back: At the top you can see the dedicated Movie Record button. Next are the playback and menu buttons. The 4-way controller has a scroll wheel mounted around it, which allows you to quick navigate the menus, stored files, and change camera settings; depending on the mode being used. Pressing it up changes the amount of info you see on the screen while shooting or viewing your images. Pressing down allows you to delete images in Playback mode. Pressing down or either direction in REC mode will take you to the quick menu. At the bottom you have the camera/menu guide button.


Located on the right hand side of the camera, you will find the I/O ports tucked behind a plastic door. The ports include a multi-connector on top and HDMI out on the bottom. The multi-connector allows you to connect to a computer or standard TV with the included cables. With the HDMI port, you can view your images and HD Videos on a HDTV; optional HDMI cable needed.

While the SZ-30MR has 59MB of internal flash memory, that won't get you very far. Luckily, there's a memory card slot located inside the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera, which accepts SD, SDHC, and SDXC type memory cards. Shown above is a 4GB Sandisk SDHC card.

The SZ-30MR shares the same LI-50B Li-ion battery pack found on its sibling, the SZ-10. This is a small 3.7V, 925mAh battery that is charged inside the camera using the supplied USB cable and either the AC power adapter or a USB port on your PC. When using a USB port, it will take much longer to charge compared to the AC adaptor. Battery life is rated at up to 300 frames on a full charge.

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