Features & Controls

The Stylus Tough 6020's uses an internal optical zoom lens that does not protrude from the body, helping Olympus keep the body water tight. This unit has 35mm equivalent of range of 28-140mm. The lens itself is made up of 11 lenses in 8 groups, with 4 aspherical , all which stay hidden within the camera body. When the camera is powered down, a lens cap slides across the outside to prevent scratches to the lens.

The CCD Contrat Detection autofocus system offers four modes: iESP Auto, Spot AF, Face Detection AF, and AF Tracking.

The Focus Range is:
Normal: 23.6" - infinity (0.6m - infinity)
Macro: 7.9" - infinity (0.2m - infinity)(W), 19.7" - infinity (0.5m - infinity)(T)
Super Macro: 1.2" - 23.6" (0.03m - 0.6m)

To the left on the photo above, you can see the small built-in flash unit. This is a tiny unit, and Olympus does not specify the effective range. You can choose form the following flash modes: Auto, Forced On, Forced Off and Red-Eye Reduction. Next to the flash is the camera's LED lamp, which can be used as a focus assist light, or to light your super-macro or underwater images.

Framing and viewing your images is accomplished with the camera's 2.7-inch, 230,000 dot HyperCrystal III LCD screen. Allowing for easier visibility outside and in other bright areas, the screen features an anti-glare coating.


Controls on the back: At the top you have the zoom control buttons, which also control the Index and Magnify playback options. Next is the dedicated Movie Record button as well as the built-in speaker. Directly above the 4-way controller you can see the playback button. The 4-way controller itself is used to navigate the menu system, scroll through stored images, etc. Pressing "Up" changes the amount of info you see on the LCD screen while shooting or viewing your images, "Down" allows you to delete images in Playback mode or in REC mode will take you to the quick menu. The "Left" and "Right" buttons bring up the quick menu in REC mode to change the exposure mode being used. At the bottom you have the MENU and the Camera/Menu guide button.


On the right side of the camera you will find your input/output ports, hidden behind the Tough 6020's waterproof door. This door has rubber seals to keep out water up to the specified depth. Inside you will find two ports at the top and bottom of the opening. The top port is a mini HDMI port for viewing your images and HD Movies on a HDTV. Next is a combination port for handling both standard A/V output to your TV set and USB 2.0 connectivity to your PC/Mac or a PictBridge compatible photo printer.

Also hidden behind the waterproof door is the battery and memory card slots. Although the camera features 1GB of internal memory, only about 600MB is actually allocated for storage of photos and video. This will get you by for some time, however you'll want to add an SD/SDHC memory card as soon as possible. The 4 to 8GB cards are becoming very affordable these days, which will allow you to capture hundreds of photos at a time.

Power is supplied from a 3.7V, 925mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. According to Olympus, this battery can power the 6020 for up to 200 photos on a single charge. The pack itself is charged in camera using the USB cable and the included AC charger. You can also slowly charge the battery using a powered USB port on your PC.

Approx. Storage Capacities:

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