Olympus Stylus Digital 600 Review

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Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Playback Modes & Screens

Typical playback display with default info shown momentarily.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Playback image with more info displayed: the file folder and file number, image quality (SHQ), image size (2816x2112), exposure compensation (0.0), white balance (Auto), ISO speed (100), date and time of capture.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Press the DISP button to cycle through the various information modes including the histogram mode shown here.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Press the wide angle zoom button to enter the Index playback mode. Depending on the menu setting, the index is 4, 9, 16 or 25 images per page - or the calendar display. This shows you captured images and when they were taken.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

The playback image can be magnified in several steps from 1.0x to 10.0x in 1.0x increments, you can then scroll around the image using the 4-way selector. Press the telephoto zoom button to enlarge and the wide angle button to shrink.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Press the menu button in play mode brings up this shortcut menu with:

    Edit - allows quick access to the Edit tab of the Mode menu

    Album Entry - lets you organize images into different folders

    Calendar - jumps to the calendar index display

The MODE MENU leads to:

    PLAY submenu:

      Protect - protects the selected images from deletion

      Rotate - Rotate an image 90° for proper orientation

      Slide Show - Start a presentation of the images stored

      DPOF - Set Direct Print Order Format settings

      Album Entry Select image to be added to an Album

    EDIT submenu:

      - Makes image smaller and save as a new picture

      Redeye Fix - Remove flash redeye problems

      Black&White - Turn color image into B&W

      Sepia - Turn color image into Sepia tone

      Frame - Add a decorative Frame around your image

      Title - Allows you to add a title to an image

      Calendar - Make a calendar with a select image

      Brightness - Adjust the brightness of an image

      Saturation - Adjust the saturation of an image

    The Card and Setup menus are the same as shown on page 3

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

The Resize option lets you save an image to a lower resolution.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

Movie clips can be played back on the camera's LCD or a television set via the supplied Audio/Video cable. Using the 4-way controller, you can fast-forward and rewind the video.

Olympus Stylus Digital 600

The Index option is located under the Edit tab of the Movie Playback menu and grabs nine frames from the movie clip and saves them as a new 2048x1536 still image.

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