Olympus Stylus Digital 410 Review

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Olympus Stylus Digital 410

Record Modes & Screens

Typical record mode screen. The "P" indicates Program AE exposure mode. In the center are the auto focus target marks, the zoom indicator (sliding bar) is displayed momentarily whenever the focal length is changed. Across the bottom is image quality, SHQ = Super High Quality, image size is 2272x1704 (4 megapixels) and there's 83 pictures remaining. Other icons indicate Macro focus mode, forced off flash, and the buffer level indicator (black box at the bottom right.)

Olympus Stylus Digital 410

When you half-press the shutter release it starts the auto focus (default) and if it locks you'll get the "focus OK" green dot icon. The red "lightning bolt" icon shows that the flash is charged and will fire.

Olympus Stylus Digital 410

To change the exposure mode you press the 4-way selector "Up" while in record mode. Use the "Right" and "Left" buttons to select the desired mode from the virtual mode dial displayed on the LCD screen. The available modes are: Program Auto, Portrait, Indoor, Beach/Snow, Cuisine, Landscape + Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Self Portrait, and Movie.

Olympus Stylus Digital 410

Press the OK/MENU button to bring up the Record mode Menu. You can use the shortcut menus to quickly change exposure compensation, image resolution, or turn the LCD monitor on/off. To access all menu options press the 4-way selector to the "Right" for the Mode Menu - see the next frame.

Olympus Stylus Digital 410

Shortcut Menu Options

    RESOLUTION - SHQ or HQ (2272x1704), SQ1 (2048x1536), SQ2 (640x480 default or select 1600x1200, 1280x960, 1024x768)

    EXPOSURE COMPENSATION - Override metering by +/- 2.0 EV in 1/3 EV steps

    MONITOR OFF - Toggles the LCD monitor On or Off

Mode Menu Options


      ESP/Spot - Select ESP or Spot metering

      Drive - Single frame or Continuous

      Digital Zoom - Enable or disable digital zoom option

      Sound Memo - Enable or disable sound attachment to still pictures

      Super Macro - Enable or disable Super Macro focus mode

      Panorama - Enable Panorama mode (only if using Olympus xD card)

      2 IN 1 - Enable the 2IN1 exposure mode (takes two separate pictures and then merges them into one side-by-side image)


      WB - Choose White Balance settings (Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent)


      Card Setup - Format the xD-picture card


      All Reset - If OFF then current settings are remembered from power off to power on. If ON then all settings are reset to default.

      Menu Language - Japanese, English, French, German

      Camera Sounds - Enable or disable camera beeps

      PW ON Setup - Select power up screen animation and sound level

      Color - Allows you to change the menu system's color scheme (Normal, Pink, Green, Blue)

      Camera Sounds - Adjust the sound levels (Off, Low, High)

      Shutter Sound - Select shutter sound theme

      Rec View - View image immediately after capture on LCD

      File Name - Select between Reset and Auto

      Pixel Mapping - Map out bad pixels

      Monitor Brightness - Adjust LCD backlight

      Set Clock - Set time and or date

      Video Out - Video out signal - NTSC or PAL format

    Olympus Stylus Digital 410Olympus Stylus Digital 410

    Press the 4-way selector to the Left to enable Macro focus mode and take closeup shots at a range of 8 to 20 inches from the lens, or enter the Mode Menu and enable Super Macro mode and get as close as 3.5-inches.

    Olympus Stylus Digital 410

    The 2-IN-1 exposure mode lets you capture two different images and then merges them together inside of the camera to produce one completed image.

    Olympus Stylus Digital 410

    The Panorama mode has an onscreen guide to help you make the best possible panorama pictures by getting the necessary overlap between successive images. Up to 10 frames can be captured and then stitched together with the Camedia Master software. You must use an Olympus brand xD-Picture Card to use the Panorama mode.

    Olympus Stylus Digital 410

    The Movie mode captures motion JPEG at 320 x 240 pixels at 15 frames per second with audio for up to 20 seconds or 160 x 120 size clips up to 60 seconds.

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