Olympus FE-240 Zoom Review

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Olympus FE-240 Zoom

Record Mode Screens & Menus

Rotating the Mode dial to the GUIDE position will bring up the built-in Shooting Guide on the LCD screen. It provides a detailed descriptions of various photographic scenarios, and will also set the camera with the touch of a button.

Olympus FE-240

Here you can see the typical record mode screen. The "AUTO" indicates Auto exposure mode, in the center are the auto focus target marks, and across the bottom is image quality, SHQ = Super High Quality and there's enough space our xD card for 173 pictures.

Olympus FE-240

When you half-press the shutter release it starts the autofocus process and if it locks you'll get the "focus OK" green icon (top left). If focus fail you will get a red "can't focus" icon (not shown.) The "red lightning bolt" icon indicates the flash is charged and ready.

Olympus FE-240

Digital Image Stabilization mode is also located on the Mode dial (shaky hand symbol) and uses Olympus' Bright Capture technology, which boosts the ISO sensitivity. This keeps shutter speeds higher in order to reduce the blurring effects of camera shake or subject movement during the exposure. Image size is not reduced when using this feature.

Olympus FE-240

Rotating the mode dial gives you access to these shooting modes.

Olympus FE-240

Pressing the 4-way controller Up, Left, Down or Right allows you to quickly change settings for Exposure compensation, Macro/SuperMacro focus mode, Self-timer, and Flash mode.

Olympus FE-240

You can access a variety of Scene modes by rotating the Mode dial to the SCN position. As you go through the Scene selections an image depicting the mode is shown and then a brief text explanation of the mode is presented (shown above.) These exposure modes are designed to give users the best results possible in a variety of different shooting situations.

You can choose from 13 Modes: Portrait, Landscape, or Night & Portrait on the mode dial or Indoor, Candle, Self-Portrait, Sunset, Sport, Fireworks, Cuisine, Documents, Behind Glass, and Auction under the SCN position.

Olympus FE-240

Press the MENU button to bring up the Record mode Menu. You can use this shortcut menu to quickly change image resolution, reset all settings to factor defaults, enter Panorama mode, enable Picture+Sounds, enable Silent mode, change the scene mode (when set to the SCN position on the mode dial) as well as enter the Setup menu.

Olympus FE-240Olympus FE-240

Press the 4-way selector "left" to enable Macro focus mode and take closeup shots at a range of 7.9" (0.2m) - infinity (Wide), 23.6" (0.6m) - infinity (Tele), or enable Super Macro mode and get as close as 1.2 inches (0.03m).

Olympus FE-240

Movie mode lets you capture SHQ (640x480) or HG (320x240) resolution motion video at 30fps with sound. The length of a movie is limited only by the available memory. Because the FE-240 features a built-in microphone, the optical zoom may not be used during recording (unless Audio is disabled via the Setup menu.) You can preset the desired focal length before recording starts. Clips are saved in AVI Motion JPEG (.AVI) format.

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