Record Screens & Menus

The PL7 is as easy to use as any compact digicam on the market. iAuto allows anyone to pick up the camera and capture beautiful images. This mode does all of the work for you, choosing all of the camera's settings, including choosing the correct scene mode for your current situation. Pressing the INFO button on the back allows you to change the amount of information that is shown on the LCD screen.

Program is another automatic shooting mode that gives some of the control to the user. Most of the shooting settings are available to the user, giving them much more creative freedom over the image. The camera will adjust the shutter and aperture to meet the other settings that you choose.

Manual mode gives 100% of the shooting control to the user. This gives complete creative control to anyone that knows what they want. It also allows anyone, no matter how much experience they have, to shoot and have fun with this camera. The E-PL7 also offers Aperture and Shutter speed priority modes for those who are just starting to manually control exposure, and still need some help from the Auto Exposure system.

Scene modes on the PL7 give the user the specific control to choose a the type of scene they want to photograph. These modes are designed for difficult but common shooting situations. The available options include: Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape, Landscape+Portrait, Sport, Hand-Held Starlight, Night Scene, Night+Portrait, Children, High Key, Low Key, DIS Mode, Macro, Nature Macro, Candle, Sunset, Documents, Panorama, Fireworks, Beach & Snow, Fisheye Effect, Wide-Angle, Macro, 3D Photo and Panning.

Creative Art Modes: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale&Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, Key Line, Watercolor, Vintage, Partial Color and Art BKT.

The 4-way controller allows you to navigate the camera's menu system. It also acts as a shortcut button to some of the more common shooting settings: Exposure Compensation, Flash, Burst/Self-Timer and AF Focus Point.

Program Shooting Menu:
  • Card Setup - Format the memory card
  • Reset/Myset - Reset to factory defaults or load a personal set of settings
  • Picture Mode - i-Enhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait, Monotone, Custom, e-Portrait, Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale&Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, Key Line, Watercolor, Vintage and Partial Color.
  • Shooting Resolution
    • Still Picture - Raw, Large Fine, Large Normal, Medium Normal, Small Normal, Large Fine+Raw, Large Normal+Raw, Medium Normal+Raw, Small Normal+Raw
    • Movie - Full HD FIne, Full HD Normal, HD Fine, HD Normal, M-JPEG HD, M-JPEG SD
  • Image Aspect - 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 3:4
  • Digital Tele-converter - On or Off
  • Burst/Self Timer - Single, High Cont, Low Cont, 12 second timer, 2 second timer, Custom timer
  • Image Stabilizer
    • Still Picture - S-I.S. Off, S-I.S.Auto, S-I.S.1, S-I.S. 2, S-I.S. 3
    • Movie - M-I.S. on or off
  • Bracketing - Choose from the many bracketing options built into the camera
  • HDR - Capture auto or bracketed images for HDR creation
  • Multiple Exposure
  • Time Lapse Settings - On or Off
  • Flash RC Mode - On or Off

Along with the dedicated video recording button that allows you to capture video in any shooting mode, the PL7 also features a video shooting mode. Here you will find more control over your movies than when in still shooting modes. The camera offers Full 1080p, 720p and standard definition recording at 30fps. In the movie mode you also have full exposure control and can even apply a few of the art filters to the video.

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