Features & Controls (cont.)

On the back is an improved 3-inch (460,000 dot) TFT color LCD. It offers 100% frame coverage along with an anti-reflective coating.

Most of the controls are on the back right hand side of the E-PL2. Starting at the top you will see the movie record button with red in the middle. While in Playback mode the record button will act as a locking button to mark photos so they cannot be deleted. To the left of the record button you will see the small circle of holes, that is the speaker. Next we see the Magnify button. In picture mode pressing this will allow you to select what the AF point is focusing in on, and pressing a second time will enter the zoom-AF preview full screen. This option makes it easy to focus on a certain object in the area to be photographed. In Playback mode this key is used to zoom in on an image for critical inspection. You can zoom in up to 14x in selected increments.

The INFO button will scroll through the different display options available in either record or playback mode. Next is the Index/(Fn) button, and in playback mode this will send you to the index of saved images allowing you to look at multiple files at the same time. If you press again it will bring up a calender type index so you can see when the photo was taken and search through a months worth of photos at a glance. Depending on what mode the camera is in, the (Fn) button acts as a quick access key to the settings for the selected mode. For example, in Shutter Speed mode the function key will give you access to change the shutter speed with the push of this button and change if needed by using the control dial.

The Playback button is next and simply takes you to the last image or video taken. The 4-way pad is to the right of the playback button and is used to navigate through most of the camera options. The 4-way pad also has a new control ring around it that can also be used for navigating through many options, and used to change settings in quick access menus. The OK button in the center is for selecting the option you want. The 4-way pad is also used as quick access to features that may be used more frequently than others. Press it "Up" to adjust the EV compensation in the Auto modes, or change the aperture and shutter speed settings in A/S/M, "Right" for flash mode, "Down" for drive mode/self-time, and "Left" to choose the AF mode. The orange Delete key that looks like a garbage can does exactly what it looks like, it deletes selected images. The last button you see at the bottom is the Menu button that takes you all menu screen selections.

Secure Digital Storage

The E-PL2 is equipped with a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot and is compatible with any capacity SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory cards. Shown here with a spacious Sandisk Ultra II 4GB SDHC memory card.

I/O Interfaces

The I/O ports are located on the right side of the E-PL2. The top port is a multi-connector port that handles both A/V OUT (user- selectable NTSC or PAL) for output to a TV monitor as well as USB 2.0 (high-speed) connectivity for transferring files to the host computer. The bottom is the Mini HDMI Type C accessory port for full HD output.

Power Source

The E-PL2 uses an upgraded Olympus BLS-5 7.2V 1150mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. However you may also use the BLS-1 battery in this camera, but it can only be charged with its original charger. Olympus claims the BLS-5 will allow you to take up to aprox. 500 snaps, which may vary depending on conditions and settings to the camera. Also noted is a dead battery will take 3hrs. 30mins. to reach a full charge.

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