Features & Controls (cont.)

On the back is a 3.0-inch (230,000 dot) HyperCrystal color LCD. It offers 100% frame coverage along with an anti-reflective coating and 15 levels of brightness and color balance adjustment.


Controls on the back: Top right is the Control Dial, which serves many functions, depending on the exposure mode being used. To the left you can see the AEL/AFL (Protect in playback), Play, Delete, and Menu buttons. Next is the Fn button and the 4-way controller with a secondary control wheel mounted around it.

The 4-way controller is used to navigate the menu system, review images/movies in playback, etc. Press it "Up" to adjust the ISO, "Right" for white balance, "Down" for drive mode , and "Left" to choose the AF mode. The OK button in the center accepts menu selections as well as brings up the function shortcut menu. Lastly we have the INFO button, which controls the amount of information shown on the LCD or VF-2 EVF.

Secure Digital Storage

The E-P2 is equipped with a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot and is compatible with any capacity SD or SDHC card. Shown here with a spacious Sandisk Ultra II 4GB SDHC memory card.

I/O Interfaces

The I/O ports are on the right side. At the top is a combination port that handles both standard definition A/V OUT (user- selectable NTSC or PAL) for output to a TV monitor as well as USB 2.0 (high-speed) connectivity for transferring files to the host computer. Next is the Mini HDMI Type C I/O port for full HD output.

Power Source

The E-P2 uses an Olympus PS-BLS1 7.2V 1150mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. It is recharged with the supplied Quick Charger. Olympus claims the battery life is sufficient for capturing 300 frames with the LCD on.

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