Steve's Conclusion

This is our First Look at a pre-production E-M5 sample. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on an E-M5 for about a day. Unfortunately, they didn't send out a battery with the camera due to the fact that Olympus America only had one battery and charger for all of their pre-productioon samples. Therefore, Olympus chose to send the limited E-M5 units out without a battery; to be fair to all of the various review sites.

Our initial feelings about the camera are that this is a very promising new model from Olympus. We love their Digital PEN models, and this first entry in the OM-D line looks to build upon everything we love about their existing EVIL cameras, with some much appreciated additions; like the weatherproof shell and high-quality EVF.

Stay tuned as we eagerly await Olympus to send us a full-production unit for testing; hopefully with a battery this time :op

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