Record Screens & Menus

Here you can see the E-5 in Live View mode. The amount of information displayed on the screen is toggled by the INFO button on the back of the camera. The above animation shows the different screen/info options available: Information Display On, Histogram Display, and Image Only.

When AF locks, the AF center AF point will turn green to indicate successful focus, or red if it fails.


Here you can see the E-5 recording video in Live View mode. The E-5 can capture HD (1280x720) or SD (640x480) Motion JPEG (.AVI) video with a fixed frame rate of 30fps. The maximum clip size is up to 2GB, due to the AVI format used. The built in speaker record Mono audio, however you can use external stereo microphones with the E-5 thanks to the Mic jack located on the side of the camera.


Instead of the usual Mode Dial, the E-5 uses a menu button in conjunction with the rear control dial to change the exposure mode. You can either look at the top Data Control display, or the screen above on the LCD to choose your Shooting mode. At the same time, you can alter the drive mode by rotating the front control dial.


Camera menu options:

  • Card Setup - All Erase or Format
  • Reset/My Set - Reset the camera settings to defaults, When powered up the camera will be reset to one of two custom settings
  • Picture Mode - i-Enhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait, Monotone, Custom, Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale&Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone
  • Resolution - Still Picture: RAW, L Fine, L Normal, M Normal, S Normal, RAW+LF/LN/MN/SN; Movie: HD or SD
  • Image Aspect - 4:3 (default), 6:6, 5:4, 7:6, 6:5, 7:5, 3:4,16:9, or 3:2
  • Image Stabilizer - Off, IS mode 1 / 2 / 3
  • Bracketing - Choose settings for AE, WB, FL, ISO bracketing
  • Multiple Exposure - Capture several up to 4 frames to be combined into a single image in-camera (similar to an HDR mode). Choose for number of Frames, Auto Gain, and Overlay
  • Flash RC Mode - On or Off


Custom menu options:

    (A) AF/MF - AF Area, [...} Set up, Reset Lens, Bulb Focusing, Focus Ring, MF Assist, [...] Set Home, PD AFL, AF Illuminator, C-AF Lock, AF Area Pointer, AF Sensitivity

    (B) Button/Dial - Dial Function, Dial Direction, AEL/AFL, AEL/AFL Memo, Button Function, Button Timer, AEL/AFL=Fn

    (C) Release/Drive - RLS Priority S, RLS Priority C, Low Frames Per Second

    (D) DISP/Sound/PC - HDMI, Video Out, Sleep, Live View Boost, Face Detection, INFO Settings, Control Settings, Histogram Settings,
    Backlit LCD, Beep, Volume, USB Mode, Level Gauge, 4 hr Timer, Picture Mode Settings

    (E) EXP/Metering/ISO - EV Step, Metering mode, AEL Metering, ISO Step,
    ISO-Auto Set, ISO-Auto, Bulb Timer, Anti-Shock

    (F) Flash Custom - X-Sync., Slow Limit, Flash/EV Compensation

    (G) Resolution/Aspect/Color/WB - Noise Reduction, Noise Filter, WB mode, All WB, Color Space, Shading Comp., Set Resolution and Compression, Pixel Count, Aspect Shooting

    (H) Record/Erase - Quick Erase, RAW+JPEG Erase, File Name, Edit Filename, Priority Set, dpi Settings, CF/SD priority, Copyright Settings

    (I) Movie - Sound

    (J) Camera Utility - Pixel Mapping, Exposure Shift, Cleaning Mode, EXT. WB Detect, AF Focus ADJ., AA Batery Type, Battery Warning Level, Level Adjust


Setup menu options:

  • Time and Date - Set the camera's clock
  • Language - Choose the Menu language
  • Monitor Brightness - Adjust LCD brightness and color temperature
  • Rec View - View on LCD after capture: Auto, Off, 1 - 20 seconds
  • Custom Menu Display - Show or hide the Custom settings menu
  • Firmware - Display firmware revision number

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