Olympus E-30 SLR Review

Body Construction

The stainless steel and reinforced plastic chassis is incredibly light and strong, allowing the body to weigh in at just 23.1 oz. without a memory card or batteries. The size and weight are very comfortable for shooting, holding and transporting the camera.

Shake Reduction

Olympus E30

The built in Image stabilization system relies on SWD motors to keep the sensor still, even though your hands might not be. Since the stabilization is inside the lens, you are free to use any available lens without the worry of shooting in lower light situations.

Live-MOS Image Sensor

Olympus E30

The upgraded 12.3 Megapixel 'Live-MOS' imaging sensor allows you to capture more detail than ever before. You also capture images that are large enough to be cropped easily for large prints.

Auto Focus

Olympus E30

The Phase-difference detection auto focus system is incredibly fast because of the 11 point full-twin cross AF sensor. Live view mode uses a contrast detection system which is a little slower, but it can be combined with the Phase-difference for the camera's 'hybrid' mode.

Dust Removal System

Every time you turn on your Olympus E30, the SuperSonic Wave Filter, located in front of the image sensor, silently vibrates 30,000 times per second in order shake loose any dust or other particles that could interfere with your images. The dust is then trapped so it doesn't return to the sensor later on.

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