Olympus E-30 Playback Modes

Playback Features and Menus

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

Pressing the Play button brings up the last image captured full screen on the LCD while displaying no shooting information. Pressing the Info button will change the amount of information shown including 2 histograms (White and individual RGB).

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

Rotate e-dial to the left to enable the thumbnail preview mode with 4, 9, 16, 25, 49 or 100 images per screen. Navigate with the 4-way controller and display any image in full screen mode by rotating the e-dial to the right or pressing OK. Going one step further allows you to select your images by the date they were taken.

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

Rotate the e-dial to the right to enlarge the playback image, with a maximum zoom of 16x. At any magnification step you can scroll around inside of the image by using the 4-way controller.

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

Copy images back and forth from CF and xD memory cards.

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

The E30 has a full list of internal editing features, allowing you to make your creative changes right there on the camera.

    Shadow Adjust
    Redeye Fix
    Black and White

PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR PENTAX olympus_e30  SLR

Image overlay allows you to combine two images that were taken in the RAW format and blend them together.

Olympus E30

Playback menu options:

    Slide show - Begin automated slide show playback changing every 5 seconds with 1 up, 4 up,
      9 up, 16 up, 25 up, 49 up or 100 up at a time
    Auto Rotate - Enable image rotation controlled by the +/- Direct Button, images are recorded to
      memory card in final position
    Edit - Enters the Edit menu, shown above
    DPOF - Store print reservation information (# of prints, date/time) to send images to a DPOF-compatible
      photo lab or DPOF-compatible printer
    Copy All - Copy all images between memory cards
    Reset Protect - Protect images from accidental erasure

PENTAX olympus_e30  Digital SLR

Setup options:

    Custom Settings - A-I (Shown on the previous page)
    Time/Date Adjust - Set internal clock's time and date
    World Time - Setup world time zones
    Memory Card - Choose between Compact Flash or xD card
    LCD Adjust - Adjust the LCD brightness and color temperature
    Language - Choose the language displayed in the camera's menu
    Video Out - NTSC or PAL
    Rec View - Auto, 1-30 sec.
    Pixel Mapping - Map out bad CCD imager pixels
    Firmware - Shows current firmware version for Body and Lens

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