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Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Introduction & Physical Views

First Look posted 2/26/01
Full review posted 3/28/01

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The Olympus Camedia E-100RS (Rapid Shot) is presently the fastest digital camera in the world with the ability to shoot at 15 frames per second (or 7.5, 5, or 3 fps). The 9.5MB internal SD-RAM buffer, 28MHz 1.51-megapixel high-speed CCD and image processing electronics allows for capturing 1360 x 1024 images at less than 1.2 second intervals at all times, even uncompressed TIFF. Whether shooting sports, nature or other activies, the 15fps shooting speed insures that you will get the shot you want and at the precise moment it happens. The unique Pre-Capture mode allows you to capture up to five images BEFORE the shutter is fully pressed and can be combined with the sequence mode. It's also the only camera capable of capturing 640 x 480 resolution QuickTime movies with sound at 30 frames per second.

The E-100RS could be called a C-2100UZ on steroids -- it has a slightly smaller CCD but uses with the same excellent 10x optical zoom lens (38mm-380mm equivalent in 35mm) with a sophisticated optical image stabilization system. On the outside both of these cameras are very similar except the E-100RS sports an all-black body. iESP metering and focusing systems yield the best possible exposures plus the E-100RS now features AE Bracketing of both the exposure value and white balance.

Features at a glance:

  • 28MHz CCD and high-speed image processor for high-speed sequential shooting speeds of 15 fps, or 7.5, 5, and 3 fps
  • 10x aspherical glass zoom lens (38-380mm 35mm equiv) with 2.7x digital zoom
  • Sophisticated image stabilization system for blur-free images
  • Shutter speeds from 1/10,000 to 16 seconds
  • Both SmartMedia and CompactFlash Type II card slots
  • USB Storage Class connectivity for Windows 2000, 98, Me PC or Mac computers
  • 640x480 30fps QuickTime movie mode with sound capture capability
  • Pre-Capture mode allows capturing one to five images before the shutter is fully depressed, eliminating shutter lag completely
  • The new iESP multi-pattern full-automatic TTL White Balance system allows 4 preset manual selections, Auto Bracketing in +/- 1, 2, or 3 step white balance increments, and "One Touch" full manual white balance.
  • The iESP TTL or Spot autofocus works from the macro to infinity ranges, and is assisted by a focusing illuminator in low-light conditions
  • iESP multi-patterned, center-weighted, spot and multi-spot metering help the photographer get the correct exposure
  • Four Scene modes (Landscape, Portrait, Sports and Night Scene) plus Program Automatic, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, full Manual and AE Bracketing
  • Five-mode builtin flash and external connector for FL-40 and studio flashes
  • In Playback mode, portrait mode images can be easily rotated
  • Color and black-and-white image capture modes

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

The Camedia E-100RS is available now for about $1499. It ships with a 8MB Olympus SmartMedia memory card, four NiMH AA batteries and rapid charger, Olympus Camedia Master 2.5 Utility Software for downloading images from the camera, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE image manipulation and creation software, Altamira's Genuine Fractals 2.0, instruction manual, QuickStart Guide, remote control, A/V and USB cables, lens cap and strap.

Physical Views

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

Olympus Camedia E-100RS

The Olympus C-2100UZ and E-100RS both have 10x stabilized zooms.

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Download a 2-page Olympus E-100RS brochure (.pdf 64Kb)

Olympus Camedia E-100RS Specifications

Product Type

EVF-type SLR with 1.8-inch color TFT LCD monitor


3.3V SmartMedia (SSFDC) Card (2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB 32MB and 64MB)

One 8MB card including Panorama function is supplied with camera

CompactFlash Type I or II flash memory. Microdrive not recommended

Recording system

Still image ; JPEG (DCF:"Design rule for Camera File system"),

TIFF (non-compressed), DPOF support

10 Bit A>D Converter

QuickTime JPEG Motion VGA and 1/8 VGA

Image pickup element

1/2-inch CCD solid-state images pickup 1.51 Million Pixel (effective 1.4 Megapixel Image) RGB Progressive Scan : 28MHz (High Speed CCD)

White balance

iESP full-auto TTL,

Preset Manual (Daylight, Cloudy, Florescent and Tungsten)

"one touch" Manual


Olympus lens 7 - 70mm 2.8-3.5, Glass Aspherical Zoom Lens

(Equivalent to 38 - 380mm lens on 35mm camera)

Image Stabilized System with 2.7x Digital Zoom

Filter Size

49mm, 49>55mm Step up needed for thick filters

Photometric system

Digital-ESP Multi-Pattern metering system, Center-weighted Spot meter and,

(8 area memorized) multi-spot metering

Exposure control

S-Program mode with Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Night Scene modes; Programmed auto exposure, Aperture priority, Shutter priority

+/- 2Ev by 1/3EV steps exposure compensation

Auto Bracketing: selectable from 1/3EV, 2/3 EV and 1EV; 3 or 5 images

Aperture priority: Wide ; F2.8 - 8.0, Tele ; 3.8 - 8.0, 1/3EV steps

Shutter priority: 2 - 1/10,000 sec. (Electrical CCD and mechanical shutter), 1/3EV steps

Manual exposure: shutter speed, 16 sec. - 1/10,000 sec.


Auto, user selectable, 100, 200, 400 equivalent ISO


iESP TTL or spot system autofocus (contrast detection system) with focusing illuminator.
Focusing range: 24" - infinity in wide-angle
6.5' - infinity in telephoto
4.3" - 24" wide-angle macro
3.3' - 6.5' telephoto macro

Manual focus with focusing range: 24" - infinity: 240 steps

AF Illuminator Working range

Standard mode: 2' - 10'

User selectable on/off controls


EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) SLR viewfinder 100% accurate image view,

(Full Information/Mode AV,SV/Spot/CW/ESP/+/-/AF/Flash/Buffer)

.55" Color LCD EVF

LCD monitor

1.8-inch Wide-View color TFT LCD monitor with 113,500 pixels

(made from Low-temperature poly-silicon), 100% accurate image view

Flash modes

Built-in Flash : Auto-Flash (low-& back-light), Red-Eye Reducing Flash, Off, Fill-in

External terminal: Off, Auto, Forced activation

Slow Synchronization (First-Curtain Synchronization effect, Second-Curtain Synchronization effect)

5 pin TTL connector for FL-40 or PC sync, Optional Bracket and cable needed)

Flash working range

Wide; approx. 30" - 18', telephoto; approximately. 8" - 9' ( ISO 100)

Battery charging time for flash

Less than 6 sec. (at normal temperature with new battery)

High Speed Sequence mode

SHQ JPEG (1360 X 1024) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 10 frames

HQ JPEG (1360 X 1024) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 27 frames

SQ1 JPEG (1280 X 960) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 12 frames

SQ2 JPEG (1280 X 960) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 31 frames

SQ1 JPEG (1024 X 768) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 17 frames

SQ2 JPEG (1024 X 768) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 45 frames

SQ1 JPEG (640 X 480) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 54 frames

SQ2 JPEG (640 X 480) 15/7.5/5/3fps up to 100 frames

less than 1.2 second shot to shot at all times (unlimited quantity)


Begins capturing image before shutter release: User adjustable from 1-5 photos

Cancel Shot Recording

Cancels recording to Memory Card preparing camera to immediately start shooting.

Self-timer / remote controller

12-second delay / 2 sec. after optional remote controller operation

E-10 Remote Cable (Bulb won't work)

Setting memorization


Outer Connector

DC input terminal, Data input/output USB interface (Storage Class)

Video Output terminal (NTSC), external flash terminal for FL-40 (5-pin TTL) or PC sync with optional cables and bracket.

Operating environment

Operation : 32F/0C - 104F/40C, 30 - 90 % Humidity

Storage : -4F/-20C - 140F/60C, 10 - 90% Humidity

Power Supply

4 x AA NiMH batteries and charger included/ 4 x AA Lithium batteries / 2 x Lithium battery CR-V3(LB-01); Optional 7AU-AC adapter / only high capacity AA Alkaline battery should be used (Manganese batteries cannot be used.)


Simultaneous recording onto image data.

Automatic calendar system

Up to year 2030


4.25" (W) x 3.25" (H) x 5.6" (D) (excluding projections)


21.8oz (without batteries and SmartMedia Card)

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