Olympus D-590 Zoom Review

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Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

Features and Controls

Olympus 3x zoom lens (5.8 - 17.4mm), F3.1/5.2 (equivalent to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera). Stepless 4x digital zoom when combined with the optical zoom gives a 12x seamless zoom.

Its TTL auto focus (contrast detection) system has a focusing range of: 20" - infinity (0.5m- inf.) in Normal mode, 8 - infinity (0.2m - inf.) in Macro mode, and 3.5" - 19.7" (0.09m - 0.5m) in Super Macro mode. Depressing the Macro button (the left arrow on the 4-way navigation control) toggles between macro mode, standard AF (macro off) and Super Macro mode.

The lens retracts inside the camera when powered down and the sliding cover protects it, no lens cap required.

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

The flash is a Built-in intelligent speedlight with modes for: Auto (automatic flash activation in low light and backlight), red-eye reduction, fill-in (forced activation), and off (no flash). The working range is: Wide: 8" - 11.8" (0.2m - 3.6m), Tele: 8" - 6.6' (0.2m - 2.0m)

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

There's not much located on the top, just the shutter release.

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

Controls on the back: Top right are the Zoom controls; in playback mode they act as the index and magnify options. The Quick View button activates image playback in record mode and turns the camera on in playback mode if the lens barrier is closed. The 4-way controller lets you navigate menus, choose the scene mode (see next page), select playback images, enable macro/super macro focus modes, enable self-timer, and select the desired flash mode. To the left is the OK/Menu button, which calls up and dismisses the onscreen menu system as well as accepts selections.

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom
The I/O ports include:

The DC IN jack for an optional AC adapter or an external battery pack.

The Audio/Video Out port for connecting to a TV set (NTSC or PAL format.)

And the USB data port for downloading image to your PC or direct printing to any PictBridge compliant printer.

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

The D-590Z stores its images on xD-Picture Cards. Located on the bottom of the camera behind a door is the card slot which accepts any size card. Olympus includes a 16MB card (To use the camera's panorama function an Olympus brand xD card must be used.)

Olympus Camedia D-590 Zoom

The D-590Z is powered a proprietary LI-12B 3.7v 1230mAh Lithium-ion battery pack, which is charged in the supplied LI-10C battery charger. Olympus claims you can capture approx. 175 shots on a full charge. Because you can not use "off the shelf" batteries, we recommend you purchase at least one extra pack and keep it charged at all times.

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