Olympus C-2500L

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The Olympus C-2500L is a true SLR (thru the lens) digital camera with a 3X optical (36-110mm equivalent) f2.8-3.9 zoom lens. It features a 2/3-inch progressive scan 2.5 megapixel CCD that yields brilliant 1712x1368 images. Pictures are stored in one of three JPEG compression levels or as an uncompressed TIF image.

The SLR viewfinder shows you a 95%-centered view of exactly what the lens sees even in the Super-Macro mode with a subject less than an inch away. Feel a need for speed? The C-2500L has a 16MB RAM buffer to allow you to shoot up to five photos without waiting on them to be processed. The burst mode can be used in any resolution and captures up to five images in less than three seconds.

Olympus C-2500L

The physical size of the C-2500L is almost the same as the D-620L but the lens barrel sticks out a little farther. With the batteries in the camera it is several ounces heavier than the D-620L. It is a fairly small camera that always seems to look much larger in the pictures. Pictured here next to the Olympus C-2000Z.

Olympus C-2500L

On the back we have a 122,000 pixel high resolution color TFT (HAST) LCD that is a definite improvement over the displays used on the D-600 and D-620 cameras. It still not very useable in the bright sunlight but other than that it is gorgeous. During Playback you can zoom-in 2x or 4x and then pan around the whole picture.

For those of you who have used the Olympus C-2000Z camera -- The mode dial/power switch is now on the back and a good distance from the shutter button -- thank you! After using the C-2000Z for many months I still accidentally turn it off when pressing the power on/off switch instead of the shutter button (argh!)

Olympus C-2500L
The LCD can not be used as a viewfinder, all framing and aiming is done via the SLR viewfinder. There is a diopter control on the side. Shown here with both LEDs illuminated, the green one indicates focus condition and the orange one is for flash status.

Olympus C-2500L

The business end of the C-2500L -- its aspherical, all-glass 3x F2.8-3.9 optical zoom lens of 9.2mm-28mm (35mm film equivalence of 36-110mm). It's threaded (43mm) for filters and auxilliary lenses.

If you like shooting closeups you'll love the Macro and Super-Macro settings that let you get as close as 0.8 inches.

Note the red area below the lens, this is the new focusing system which employs an infrared-assist beam. The C-2500L can focus in total darkness and is very accurate unlike the often finicky D-600 series.

Olympus C-2500L

Finally a digital camera that was made to be used on a tripod. It has a flat bottom and properly centered, metal-threaded tripod socket. You won't have any problems keeping this camera level on your tripod.

You can remove or change memory cards while on a tripod but changing the batteries, while not impossible, would but quite tricky.

Olympus C-2500L

Most of the advanced features are accessed through the menu system on the LCD so the number of buttons and dials is fairly minimal. See the nest page for the controls located on the top of the camera.

Next to the viewfinder is the SM/CF button that switches between the SmartMedia and the CompactFlash card slots. Then we have the menu button that brings up a four-page menu during record operations. The command dial lets you switch the camera's operating modes and in the center is the power on/off switch. Below that is the 4-way rocker switch used to navigate the menus and finally the "OK" button for making selections.

Olympus C-2500L

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C-2500L SLR Digital Camera Specifications
Image pickup: 2,500,000 pixel 2/3 in. progressive scan RGB CCD solid-state image pickup element with "TruePic Technology"
Recorded image 1712 X 1368 pixels (SHQ-Tiff no compression)
1712 X 1368 pixels (SHQ-JPEG 2.3:1 compression)
1712 X 1368 pixels (HQ-JPEG 8:1standard compression)
1280 X 1024 pixel (SQ-JPEG 8:1 compression)
640 X 512 pixel (SQ-JPEG 8:1 compression)
Number of Images
Stored on 8MB card
1- SHQ Tiff
24-SQ-JPEG (1280 X 1024)
83-SQ-JPEG (640 X 512)
Image types DCF/Exif 2.1 JPEG or Tiff
Erasing One-frame erase/All-frame erase
White balance Full auto TTL white balance 6-step preset manual: 3000, 3700, 4000, 4500, 5500 and 6500K white balance "One-touch" reference manual white balance.
Memory Dual slot design for 3.3V SmartMedia 8MB (2/4/8/16/32 MB optional) and/or CF slot for optional memory
Lens 3X Olympus aspherical zoom
Focal length 9.2 -28mm (equivalent to 36-110 on a 35mm camera)
Aperture Wide f=2.8 - f=5.6 Tele f=3.9 - f=7.8
Construction 7 elements in 7 groups (1 aspherical elements)
Focus range 0.8 in.- 24 in. Super Macro (Wide autofocus)
12 in. - 24 in. Macro (autofocus)
24 in. - infinity (autofocus)
12 in. -infinity (manual focus)
Quick focus modes User selectable setting from 15 preset ranges: 12 in. to infinity
Autofocus TTL system autofocus with low-light illuminator
Shutter 1/2-1/10,000 sec. automatic exposure
8 sec. To 1/10,000 manual exposure
Exposure control Programmed auto exposure with +/- 2 step exposure compensation in 1/3 step increments. Aperture Priority exposure with +/- 2 step exposure compensation in 1/3 step increments. Manual exposure
Photometric system Center-weighted metering or 5% spot metering
Sensitivity Equivalent ISO 100, 200, 400
Electronic flash
Working range 12 in. to 12 ft. at ISO 100 built-in pop-up flash
Charge time Approximately 8 sec. (at normal temperature with new batteries).
Flash modes Auto-flash (low light and back light), "red-eye" reducing flash, fill-in flash, 1st curtain slow-syncro flash, 2nd curtain slow-syncro flash and flash off. (built-in flash)
External flash Standard hot-shoe design, accepts optional FL-40 dedicated flash.
Viewfinder SLR TTL viewfinder with 95% centered view of image area.
Dioptric correction For viewfinder sharpness.
LCD Monitor High-resolution 122,000 pixel 1.8 inch / 4.5cm color TFT(HAST) LCD display.
On-screen display One-frame, slide-show mode, index display mode (4 or 9 frames) and 4X-image inspection close-up mode.
Control panel LCD Indicates recording mode, number of remaining pictures, card error, exposure modes, flash modes, self-timer, remote control, battery check, macro mode, super macro mode, infinity mode, spot metering mode, feet or meter, quick focus, manual focus setting, exposure compensation, flash exposure compensation, aperture, shutter speed, manual white balance, burst mode, folder and file number, and images stored in RAM buffer.
Self-timer Electronic self-timer with 12-second delay or 2 second delay with RM-1 remote control.
Other connectors Serial computer/printer connector, AC adapter connector and NTSC video out connector.
Date and time Recorded with picture
Automatic calendar Up to year 2030
Direct print
(P-330) or DPOF printer
Single print, index print, multi-prints, mirror prints, date stamp prints, 16-up prints, selected image print
Operating environment
Temperature 22-104F/0-40 C (operation) -4-140F/-20-60 C (storage)
Humidity 20-90% (operation) 10-90% (storage)
Power supply Camera comes with 4-AA Ni-MH batteries and charger, and can use 4-AA Ni-Cad or alkaline batteries. C-7AU AC adapter optional. Ni-MH recommended for use.
Low Power mode User selectable from 1 to 10 min. or off.
Dimensions 4.3-in. (W) X 3.2-in. (H) X 5.1-in. (D) 109mm (W) X 79.5mm(H) X 128.2mm(D)
Weight 16.5oz. without batteries or SmartMedia card.
Software Enroute QuickStitch (Mac/Win) Olympus Camedia Master (Mac/Win)
System requirements CD-ROM drive, 32MB RAM or greater, 75MB free hard drive space. Monitor with thousands of colors (millions of colors recommended) 640 X 480 screen resolution or greater.
Windows compatible Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
Macintosh compatible Power PC with Mac OS 7.6 or later.
Connection Standard RS-232 interface (Sub-D 9 pin connector -Windows, or mode/printer port Mac)
Optional floppy disk compatibility with FlashPath adapter
Optional PCMCIA adapter compatibility

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