Olympus C-2500L

Here's a closeup view of the top data LCD showing the camera in "P"rogrammed automatic mode, SHQ image quality, using the CF card slot, 96 pictures remaining, flash disabled, buffer empty and EV compensation at 0. The Shutter speed is 1/30, Super Macro focus mode, Spot metering is enabled, the ISO is at something other than 100 which is default, the White Balance is at something other than Auto and we're in Continuous record mode. Below the "P" is a circle icon that indicates the aperture setting (wide open or closed down).

The FOCUS button selects Macro, Super-Macro, Infinity or Manual focus modes. During playback it is the image delete button. In the center is the flash mode button that cycles through auto, on, off, redeye and slow-sync. During playback it turns on/off the onscreen display of image data (time, date, etc). The button on the right turns on the spot metering option and during playback lets you protect or unprotect images on the flash cards.

Olympus C-2500L

On top is the combination shutter release and zoom control switch. The zoom switch also functions as the magnified playback and index playback control when in the Play mode. The button below the shutter release is the exposure compensation control, you push and hold it in and then use the 4-way selector to move the +/- bar on the top LCD. When in Play mode this button enables the 4-way selector to act as a scroll control when the playback image is magnified.

You can also see the dedicated Olympus hot shoe flash connector, see below for the FL-40 external flash.

Olympus C-2500L

On the side are the I/O ports neatly hidden away underneath of a small plastic door. From left to right: The serial I/O data port, the AC adapter jack and the NTSC video output jack.

Olympus C-2500L

One of the most talked-about features of the C-2500L is its dual card slot that accomodates both SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards simultaneously.

Having both a SM and CF card slot lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. CF cards are available in much larger capacities (up to 512MB and soon 1GB), SmartMedia cards still max out at just 128MB.

The C-2500L comes bundled with an Olympus brand 32MB SmartMedia card.

Olympus C-2500L

The onboard 5-mode electronic flash must be "popped up" when needed, there is a small button on the side that releases it. Operational modes include automatic, fill flash, redeye reduction, slow-sync with both forward and rear curtain and disabled when it is closed.

Olympus FL-40

Need more flash coverage? Check out the new FL-40 dedicated flash. It has an impressive list of features and supports the B-28 wide angle and 1.45 telephoto lenses plus it adds an additional low-light illuminator. The FL-40 can improve the focus and flash range to more than 30 feet in poorly lit and dim conditions

Olympus C-2500L

Power is supplied from four AA-size batteries. Olympus packages NiMH rechargable batteries and a 3-hour charger with the camera. The battery door is similar to the one on the C-2000Z but it's a lot easier to close and lock!

Olympus RM-1

Olympus has a nice little infrared remote control for their digicams! I have been a strong proponent of this for a long time and was extremely happy to see it included first with the C-2000Z and again with the C-2500L. In record mode you can operate the zoom lens and trip the shutter. In playback mode you can step through your pictures, bring up the thumbnail index and zoom into the displayed pictures.

Kudos to Olympus for adding the remote control which is highly useful when using the camera in macro mode to avoid camera shake when tripping the shutter. It is also very handy for playing your pictures on the TV while lounging in your easy chair on the other side of the room.

Olympus C-2500L

Here's the C-2500 SLR and the 2001 Camedia E-20N SLR with a 5-megapixel imager! The difference that two years makes...

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