Record Screens & Menus


Above you can see the D7000 in the Live View function, scrolling through the display options. Here you have a variety of options to choose what information you would like displayed while photographing.

This is the D7000 recording a movie clip. You can choose from four different resolutions; 1920x1080(24fps), 1280x720(24fps), 1280x720(30fps), or 640x424(30fps). Each clip can be up to 20 minutes long or 4GB. Nikon claims this all depends on the write speed of your memory card.


Shooting Menu

    • Reset Shooting Menu - Restore setting to default value
    • Storage Folder - Choose folder for recording or create new
    • File Naming - Choose the first three letters of the file names assigned by the camera
    • Role Played by memory card slot two - Select role of card slot two
    • Image quality - NEF(RAW), NEF(RAW)+JPEG (Fine/Normal/Basic), or JPEG (Fine/Normal/Basic)
    • Image size - Large (4928x3264; 16.1M), Medium (3696x2448; 9.0M), Small (2464x1632; 4.0M)
    • JPEG compression - Choose how JPEGs are compressed; Size priority or Optimal quality
    • NEF (RAW) recording - Choose bit-depth and compression settings
    • White balance - Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Direct Sunlight, Flash, Cloudy, Shade, Choose color temp (2500K-10,000K), Preset manually
    • Set picture control - Select from Picture Controls to instantly adjust image processing settings
    • Manage picture control - Save and modify Picture Control combinations, or copy settings to and from the CF card
    • Auto distortion control - On or Off
    • Color Space - Select sRGB or Adobe RGB
    • Active D-lighting - Auto (default), Extra High, High, Normal, Low, Off
    • Long exp. NR - Off (default) or On (enabled when shutter speeds are 8 seconds or slower)
    • High ISO NR - High, Normal (default), Low, Off
    • ISO sensitivity settings - ISO sensitivity (100 - 6400) with LO and HI 0.3 - 1EV settings, ISO sensitivity Auto Control (Off/On), Max. sensitivity (200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, Hi 1, Hi 2), Minimum shutter speed (1/4000 - 1 seconds)
    • Multiple exposure - Create a single image from 2 or 3 exposures
    • Movie Settings - Choose video settings, Quality, Sound, Destination
    • Remote Control Mode - Choose how camera acts when remote mode is selected


Custom settings allow you to fine-tune a great number of camera settings and/or button functions to suit your particular needs.

To make it easy to get to the settings you want, the Custom Menu is organized into six color-coded groups:

    A - Autofocus
    B - Metering/Exposure
    C - Timers/AE Lock
    D - Shooting/Display
    E - Bracketing/Flash
    F - Controls


Custom Menu - Autofocus

    • a1 AF-C priority selection - Choose from "release" or "focus"
    • a2 AF-S priority selection - Choose from "release" or "focus"
    • a3 Focus Tracking with lock-on - Chooses the response time for adjusting focus
    • a4 AF point illumination - Select how the focus points are illuminated
    • a5 Focus point wrap-around - wrap or no wrap-around
    • a6 Number of focus points - choose 11 or 39 focus points
    • a7 Built-in AF-assist illuminator - On or Off
    • a8 Live view/movie AF - adjust auto-focus settings for live view and movie mode


Custom Menu - Metering/Exposure

  • b1 ISO sensitivity step value - 1/3 or 1/2 step
  • b2 EV steps for exposure control - 1/3 or 1/2 step
  • b3 Easy exposure compensation - on(auto reset), on, off
  • b4 Center-weighted area - choose the area given most weight
  • b5 Fine tune optimal exposure - customize optimal exposure for each metering method


Custom Menu - Timers/AE Lock

    • c1 Shutter-Release Button AE-L - Controls whether the exposure locks when the shutter release is half-pressed, or only when the AE-L/AF-L button is depressed
    • c2 Auto meter-off delay - Controls how long the LCD displays
    • c3 Self-timer - Length of self-timer delay: 2, 5, 10, 20S; Number of shots: 1 - 9, and interval between shots: .5s, 1s, 2s, or 3s.
    • c4 Monitor off delay - select how long monitor displays before turning off automatically
    • c5 Remote on duration - 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes


Custom Menu - Shooting/Display

    • d1 Beep - High, Low or off
    • d2 Viewfinder Grid Display - Turns on grid lines in viewfinder
    • d3 ISO display - Choose whether ISO sensitivity is shown in the viewfinder frame-count display
    • d4 Viewfinder warning display - on or off
    • d5 Screen Tips - on or off
    • d6 CL mode shooting speed - 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 fps.
    • d7 Max. continuous release - 1 - 100
    • d8 File No. Seq. - Sequential file numbering options (On, Off or Reset)
    • d9 Information Display - auto/manual
    • d10 LCD illumination - on or off
    • d11 Exposure Delay Mode - Delay shutter release by about 1 sec to minimize camera shake caused by mirror slap
    • d12 Flash Warning - on or off
    • d13 MB-D11 battery type - select type of battery being used so the battery life meter will be accurate(when using battery grip)
    • d14 Battery order - select which battery is used first


Custom Menu - Bracketing/Flash

    • e1 Flash Sync speed - choose from 1/320 to 1/60 seconds
    • e2 Flash shutter speed - select from 1/60 to 30 seconds
    • e3 Flash Control for Built-in Flash - Controls built-in flash mode, TTL, Manual, Repeating flash, and Commander mode
    • e4 Modeling Flash - on or off
    • e5 Auto Bracketing set - Controls what settings are used in AE Bracketing mode: AE bracketing, WB bracketing, ADL bracketing
    • e6 Bracketing order - choose order for auto bracketing


Custom Menu - Controls

    • f1 Light switch - choose what the light switch illuminates
    • f2 OK button(shooting mode) - select what the OK button does in shooting mode
    • f3 Assign Fn Button - Controls the function performed by the FN (function) button
    • f4 Assign the preview button - choose the function of the preview button
    • f5 Assign AE-L/AF-L Button - Choose the role of the AE-L/AF-L button; AE/AF Lock, AE lock only, AF lock only, AE lock (hold), AF-ON, FV lock
    • f6 Customize command dials - select role of the command dials
    • f7 Release button to use dial - selects whether or not you need to hold down a selected button to use the control dial to change the setting.
    • f8 Slot empty release lock - choose whether the shutter can be released when no memory card is in camera.
    • f9 Reverse indicators - decide what side the positive and negative values are displayed for certain exposure values.
    • f10 Assign MB-D11 AE-L/AF-L button - choose what function the button will handle.


Setup Menu

    • Format memory card - Format the memory card
    • Save user settings - assign scene modes or settings for different users.
    • Reset user settings - reset to default settings
    • LCD brightness - Adjust LCD back light +3 to -3
    • Clean Image Sensor - Cleans the Low Pass Filter to remove dust and dirt particles
    • Video mode - Select video output format: NTSC or PAL
    • Info display format - Select the Info display format (Classic or Graphic)
    • Auto information display - On or Off (set for both Auto/scene or P/S/A/M modes)
    • Info wrap-around - On or Off
    • HDMI - Select the HDMI format: Auto (camera selects appropriate format), 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i
    • Flicker reduction - 50 or 60 Hz
    • Time zone and date - Set the Time zone, date and time, date format, daylight saving time
    • Language - Select the menu language
    • Image comment - Enter a comment that will be embedded in the image information
    • Auto image rotation - Auto rotates portrait mode images for proper video display
    • Image Dust Off ref photo - Capture a photo to be used with Capture NX 2's Dust Off feature
    • Battery info - shows battery life and when it needs to be replaced
    • Copyright information - enter name of artist or copyright holder
    • Save/load settings - Save or load settings to and from a memory card
    • GPS - Adjust settings for connection to a GPS unit, like Nikon's GP-1
    • Virtual horizon - display a virtual horizon in the monitor
    • Non-CPU lens data - select focal length and apertures to be used with non-CPU lenses
    • AF fine tuning - save fine tuned values for individual lenses.
    • Firmware Version - Display the camera's current firmware version information


The My Menu option is a great way to manage certain settings to the camera. Here you can select any menu and any selection in the menu, and add it to your custom menu. This is a shortcut to any specific option, instead of searching through all menus to find it. This also has a feature to select and save many of the settings last used for photographing.

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