Playback Screens & Menus

Shown here is the default playback view with only basic information displayed. You cycle through different views by pressing upward/downward on the four-way control.

In the playback menu, you can customize the information display. If you have only "None (image only)" selected, playback will toggle between the default view (previous image) with minimal information, and the image only.

More shooting data is offered in subsequent playback views, such as the metering mode, ISO setting and white balance.

Additional playback views offer very detailed information about camera settings, such as those within the Picture Control menu.

Pressing the zoom out button on the back panel takes you first to an index view with four thumbnails.

Another press of the zoom out button displays an index view of 9 thumbnails.

A third press of the zoom out button launches a 72-thumbnail index view. In this view, while repeatedly pressing the four-way control to navigate through oodles of images, you'll likely wish you had a page up/page down function at your fingertips (or at least a second thumb dial that navigated vertically).

Another press of the zoom out button launches the calendar view, which can help you locate your photos more easily.

Zooming in with the dedicated button in playback mode greatly magnifies images for close inspection, and they remain very sharp on the 921,000-dot LCD.

Playback offers this nifty feature for photos taken with facial recognition: Note the icons at bottom left, which tell you that you can inspect each face individually (see also the box at bottom right with a box for each recognized face - the camera can detect up to 35 in one frame).

Once you have zoomed in on a face (which the camera tends to center on the LCD for you to save extra presses of the four-way control), you will see an icon of the four-way control beside the facial recognition icon at the bottom of the screen. This tells you that simply pressing left or right on the four-way buttons will take you immediately to the next recognized face in the photo.

The Retouch menu offers a good assortment of basic photographic and creative effects, without going overboard into amateurish territory. These can be applied to still images only, not videos.

Retouch menu:

  • D-Lighting
  • Red-eye correction
  • Trim
  • Monochrome
  • Filter effects (skylight, warm filter, red/green/blue intensifier, cross screen)
  • Color balance
  • Image overlay
  • NEF (RAW) processing
  • Resize
  • Quick retouch (enhanced saturation and contrast)
  • Straighten
  • Distortion control: Auto, manual (+/-5 steps)
  • Fisheye
  • Color outline
  • Color sketch
  • Perspective control
  • Miniature effect
  • Selective color
  • Edit movie

Filter effects offer a subtle and attractive approximation to traditional camera filters.

Filter effects menu:
  • Skylight
  • Warm filter
  • Red intensifier
  • Green intensifier
  • Blue intensifier
  • Cross screen
  • Soft

Nikon_D5200-playback-retouch-color balance.jpg
The color balance selection in the retouch menu allows you to use the multi selector (four-way button) to modify the color of your image. The four positions correspond to an increase in (clockwise from top) green, amber, magenta, or blue. The image is shown on the monitor flanked by four histograms.

Nikon_D5200-playback menu.jpg
The playback menu is a one-page offering of basic adjustments, display options, and slideshow and print settings, leaving the wealth of editing options to its own retouch menu page.

The playback movie display options are the same as for still images, allowing you to cycle through the various views by pressing upward on the four-way control. Turning the thumb dial jumps you forward or back by 10 seconds. The AE-L/AF-L button launches the edit movie function, which lets you choose start and end points, and to save a selected frame as a still image.

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