Record Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. The Coolpix S70 does not output video in record mode, so we had to photograph the LCD instead.

Here we can see the screen display in Easy mode. This is a fully automatic exposure program, like your typical Auto, however it's also an intelligent mode. The camera will analyze the scene being framed, and then choose the best Scene mode setting for the shot. As you can see, there are only a few options available for you to access, such as self-timer, flash mode, Image quality, smile timer, and exposure compensation. The Info button clears the screen to the basic icons (Mode, Zoom control, Info, and Play buttons only). Home takes you to the Home menu, shown further down below.

When you half-press the shutter release the autofocus is locked and the exposure is calculated and set (1/30 shutter speed, F3.9 aperture above). If autofocus was successful the AF brackets will turn green, if it fails they will be blink red. Above we also have an indicator that the flash is charged and ready to fire. If the flash was not going to be used, this icon would not appear.


When you press the Mode button at the top left, this is the screen that is displayed, with options for Easy, Program Auto, Scene, and Movie.

Under Scene you have access to 17 pre-defined exposure modes, suited for various different shooting situations. These include: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Portrait, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Night Landscape, Close-up, Food, Museum, Fireworks show, Copy, Draw, Backlight, and Panorama assist.


The touch shooting menu is above. Here you can choose the function that will be performed when you Tap the screen: Touch Shooting (Focuses, then captures), Touch AF/AE (Locks Focus and Exposure), Subject Tracking (Tracks subject that is touched).

Here you can see the Program Auto mode. This exposure program allows you to have more control over advanced settings for ISO, White Balance, Drive mode, etc.

Because the S70's menu options are available right on the screen, it does not feature your typical record mode menu. Above you can see the home menu, which allows you to change the exposure mode, play back images, choose sorting options, and access the Setup menu.

The S70 also allows you to capture movies at various resolution settings (See menu below). This model does offer an HD quality mode for capturing wide aspect videos. During recording you are not able to use the optical zoom, however you can either preset the desired focal length before shooting starts, or use the digital zoom; the latter will degrade video quality. The maximum clip length is either 25 minutes or 2GB, which ever comes first. You also have access to single or continuous AF, and Macro focus.

Here you can see the available video mode options: HD720 (1280x720), TV* (640x480, High quality), TV (640x480, Standard quality), 320* (320x240, High quality), 320 (320x240, Standard quality)

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