Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Play button will bring up the last image or video captured on the LCD. Sliding the projector lens cover down will do the same, however the image will be projected instead of showing up on the LCD screen. All the onscreen information will be the same. You can see indicators for date and time the image was captured, battery level, file number, resolution, and the image number / total number of images. Pressing the OK button will add this image to your favorites.

Pressing the zoom lever to the "wide" end enter the camera into index mode. Once in index mode, you can choose between 4, 9 or 16 thumbnail views to help you quickly search through your images. Pressing it a forth time brings up the calendar view.

Moving the zoom control to the telephoto position when viewing a still image enters the magnify option. You can magnify an image up to 10x, and then scroll around inside the image using the 4-way controller. Pressing the menu button at any point allows you to save the magnified portion as a cropped image.

Playback Menu:
  • Quick Retouch - An auto retouch with 3 levels of editing
  • D-Lighting - Automatically brightens the dark shadow areas of the image to add detail
  • Glamour Retouch - Add glamour effects to a portrait
  • Filter Effect - Color Options, Softness, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Fisheye, Miniature Effect
  • Print Order - Select the number of images to be printed when the camera is connected to a PC or Printer
  • Slideshow - view your images in a slideshow
  • Rotate - Change the orientation of an image by 90° at a time
  • Protect - Protect your images from being deleted
  • Resize - Create a smaller copy of an image
  • Voice Memo - Add an audio message to an image for playback
  • Copy - Copy files from internal memory to the SD card

Playing back your movie files is as easy as pressing the OK button. Pressing it again will pause the video and give you DVR-like options to fast-forward, rewind, and Stop video. You can also adjust the sound level using the zoom controls, and the S1200pj even offers a movie edit feature so you can alter the length of a video in-camera. Videos can be dsiplayed on a nearby wall with the projector, on the LCD, or on a TV with optional cables. The S1200pj has no HDMI output.

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