Record Screens & Menus

Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The Nikon P900's AV output cable doesn't port the display in shooting modes, therefore we had to photograph the display screen.

Record - mode dial GIF.gif

As you turn the mode dial on the top of the Nikon P900, you'll see a virtual mode dial displayed on the right side of the screen along with a brief description of each mode. The 11 mode dial options are:

  • Manual (M)
  • Aperture Priority (A)
  • Shutter Priority (S)
  • Programmed Auto (P)
  • Auto - Camera icon
  • Scene Auto Selector
  • Night Landscape - Moon and building icon
  • Night Portrait - Star and person icon
  • Landscape - Hills icon
  • Special Effects
  • User Settings (U)

Record - program GIF.gif
When shooting in Program mode, you'll see a P icon in the upper left corner, the video and still image resolution settings in the upper right corner, the amount of space remaining on the memory card in the lower right corner, and the battery charge icon in the lower left corner. In the middle of the bottom of the screen are the shutter speed and aperture settings.

Press the Disp button (just to the right of the viewfinder) to change the data displayed on the screen. By default, you can add a 3x3 grid, remove all data, or remove all icons but the 3x3 grid. To further control what data is displayed on the screen, you can make choices in the Setup menu (which is discussed in detail later on this page). You can add or remove the 3x3 grid, a histogram, or a virtual horizon.

Record - auto GIF.gif
Twist the mode dial to Auto mode, and you'll see most of the same icons on the screen as you saw in Program mode. Press Disp to change what's displayed.

Record - shutter and aperture GIF.gif
When shooting in Aperture Priority mode (A) or Shutter Priority mode (S), you'll see the icon in the upper left corner change to reflect the current mode. In Shutter Priority mode, you'll also see a dial icon appear above the shutter speed listing. This means you can spin the command dial (just to the right of the mode dial) to change the shutter speed quickly. In Aperture Priority mode, you'll see a different dial icon above the aperture setting, meaning you can spin the four-way ring to change the aperture quickly.

In Manual mode, both dials are active to change the shutter speed and aperture.

Record - manual Focus GIF.gif
When shooting in an advanced mode (P, S, A, or M), you can activate manual focus. This feature is a little tricky to use, as you won't be able to twist a ring on the zoom lens as you can with DSLR lenses. Instead you'll spin the four-way ring to adjust the manual focus.

To enter manual focus, press the lower part of the four-way ring. In the popup menu, select MF and press OK. Now spin the four-way ring to change the graph on the right side, which indicates the distance of the focal point. As you spin the four-way ring, the view on the screen will sharpen or blur, helping you dial in the focus to the desired sharpness. You can magnify the view on the screen by pressing the left side of the four-way ring, making it easier to dial in the sharpness.

Record - zoom GIF.gif
As you move the zoom ring to adjust the camera's zoom setting, you'll see a graph across the top of the screen, representing the full zoom range. The thicker white bar indicates the current setting.

The vertical line in the middle represents the end of the optical zoom range. Once the white bar changes to yellow or blue, the current zoom setting involves the digital zoom range.

Unfortunately, as you move the zoom ring you won't see the optical zoom measurement number appear next to the graph, which most cameras provide. You'll just have to guess at your exact optical zoom measurement as you use the zoom ring.

Record - Fn button GIF.gif
On the top panel of the Nikon P900 is the Fn button, which allows you to quickly recall a commonly used feature. The camera defaults to continuous shot mode for the Fn button. To change the feature assigned to the Fn button, press Fn and then scroll to the bottom of the list of icons on the right side of the screen. Highlight Fn and press OK.

When the secondary list of icons appears on the far right of the screen, highlight the feature you want assigned to Fn and press OK. The options for the Fn button are:

  • Image Quality
  • Image Size
  • Picture Control
  • White Balance
  • Metering
  • Continuous
  • ISO Sensitivity
  • AF Area
  • Vibration Reduction

Record - self timer GIF.gif
The Nikon P900 has an extensive set of options in continuous shot mode, ranging from burst modes to self-timer options to interval shooting. The options are:

  • Single
  • Continuous H
  • Continuous L
  • Pre-Shooting Cache
  • Continuous H 120 fps
  • Continuous H 60 fps
  • Best Shot Selector (BSS)
  • Multi-Shot 16
  • Intvl Timer Shooting

Turn the mode dial to SCENE to access the camera's scene modes. Press the Menu button to see the scene mode options, which are

  • Scene Auto Selector
  • Portrait
  • Sports
  • Party/Indoor
  • Beach
  • Snow
  • Sunset
  • Dusk/Dawn
  • Close-up - Noise Reduction Burst, Single Shot
  • Food
  • Museum
  • Fireworks Show
  • Black and White Copy
  • Backlighting - On, Off
  • Easy Panorama - Normal 180 degrees, Wide 360 degrees
  • Pet Portrait - Single, Continuous
  • Moon
  • Bird Watching - Single, Continuous
  • Time-Lapse Movie - Cityscape 10 Minutes (AE-L On, AE-L Off), Landscape 25 Minutes (AE-L On, AE-L Off), Sunset 50 Minutes (AE-L On, AE-L Off), Night Sky 150 Minutes, Star Trails 150 Minutes
  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • Image Size - 16M, 8M, 4M, 2M, VGA, 12M 16:9, 2M 16:9, 14M 3:2, 12M 1:1

Record - special effect GIF.gif
Turn the mode dial to the EFFECTS setting to access the Special Effects options. Press the Menu button to see the Special Effects settings you can use, which include:

  • Soft
  • Nostalgic Sepia
  • High-Contrast Mono.
  • High Key
  • Low Key
  • Selective Color
  • High ISO Monochrome
  • Cross Process

Record - selective color GIF.gif
When using the Selective Color setting, the P900 will record the scene in black and white, other than any objects that match the color you've selected in the graph on the right side of the screen. The selective color options are:

  • None
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Red/Orange
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Yellow/Green
  • Green
  • Green/Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple

Record - cross GIF.gif
Cross Process is another interesting special effect that's available with the Nikon Coolpix P900. The camera will apply a color tint to the scene that you select from the right side of the screen. The color tint options are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow

Record - shooting menu.jpg
To access the Coolpix P900's shooting menu, press the Menu button. The options that are available in the menu will change, depending on which shooting mode you've selected from the mode dial. In Program mode you'll highlight the P icon in the upper left corner of the menu screen and then press the right side of the four-way ring to gain access to the menu settings. The shooting menu options in Program mode are:

  • Image Quality - Fine, Normal
  • Image Size - 16M, 8M, 4M, 2M, VGA, 12M 16:9, 2M 16:9, 14M 3:2, 12M 1:1
  • Picture Control - Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome (Filter Effects (Off, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green), Toning (B&W, Sepia, Cyanotype))
  • Custom Picture Control - Edit and Save, Delete
  • White Balance - Auto Normal, Auto Warm Lighting, Preset Manual, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent (1, 2, 3), Cloudy (+3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2, -3), Flash, Choose Color Temp. (between 2500 and 10,000)
  • Metering - Matrix, Center-Weighted, Spot
  • Continuous - Single, Continuous H, Continuous L, Pre-Shooting Cache, Continuous H 120 fps, Continuous H 60 fps, BSS, Multi-Shot 16, Intvl Timer Shooting
  • ISO Sensitivity - ISO Sensitivity (Auto, Fixed Range Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400), Minimum Shutter Speed (None, 1 second, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125)
  • Exposure Bracketing - Off, +/- 0.3, +/- 0.7, +/- 1.0
  • AF Area Mode - Face Priority, Manual Spot, Manual Normal, Manual Wide, Subject Tracking, Target Finding AF
  • Autofocus Mode - Single AF, Full-Time AF
  • Flash Exp. Comp. - 0, -0.3, -0.7, -1, -1.3, -1.7, -2
  • Noise Reduction Filter - High, Normal, Low
  • Active D-Lighting - High, Normal, Low, Off
  • Multiple Exposure - Multiple Exposure Mode (On, Off), Auto Gain (On, Off)
  • Save User Settings
  • Reset User Settings
  • Zoom Memory - On, Off
  • Startup Zoom Position - 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm
  • M Exposure Preview - On, Off

Record - main menu.jpg
The Nikon Coolpix P900's Setup menu is indicated by the wrench icon in the lower left corner of the menu screen. Highlight the wrench icon to see the Setup menu options, which are:

  • Time Zone and Date - Date and Time, Date Format (Y/M/D, M/D/Y, D/M/Y), Time Zone
  • Slot Empty Release Lock - Release Locked, Enable Release
  • Monitor Settings - Image Review (On, Off), Monitor Options (Brightness (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Hi), Tint (Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, None, Light Red, Red, Dark Red)), EVF Options (Brightness (1, 2, 3), Tint (Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, None, Light Red, Red, Dark Red)), View/Hide Framing Grid (On, Off), View/Hide Histograms (On, Off), Virtual Horizon (On, Off)
  • EVF Auto Toggle - On, Off
  • Date Stamp - Date, Date and Time, Off
  • Vibration Reduction - Normal, Active, Off
  • AF Assist - Auto, Off
  • Digital Zoom - On, Off
  • Assign Side Zoom Control - Zoom, Manual Focus
  • Sound Settings - Button Sound (On, Off), Shutter Sound (On, Off)
  • Auto Off - 30 s, 1 min, 5 min, 30 min
  • Format Card
  • Language - 36 options
  • Charge By Computer - On, Off
  • Toggle Av/Tv Selection - Do Not Toggle Selection, Toggle Selection
  • Reset File Numbering - Yes, No
  • Peaking - On, Off
  • Reset All
  • Firmware Version
The menu organization is a little odd with this model. For example, I'm not sure why the vibration reduction and autofocus assist menu commands are in the Setup menu, rather than the shooting menu.

Record - GPS menu.jpg
Nikon included a GPS menu with the Coolpix P900. Highlight the satellite icon on the left side of the menu screen to see the options in the GPS menu, which are:

  • Location Data Options - Record Location Data (Off, On), Update A-GPS File, Erase Location Data
  • Points of Interest (POI) - Embed POI (On, Off), Display POI (On, Off), Level of Detail (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
  • Create Log - Start Log (Next 6 Hours, Next 12 Hours, Next 24 Hours), Log Interval (5 s, 10 s, 15 s, 30 s, 1 min), End Log
  • View Log
  • Set Clock from Satellite

Record - movie GIF.gif
To start a movie recording with the Nikon Coolpix P900, you'll press the red record button on the back panel of the camera, near the upper right corner.

When the video is recording, you'll see a red REC icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The video resolution is in the upper right corner, and the time remaining in the current recording is in the lower right corner. For some reason, Nikon chose not to display the amount of time that has elapsed in the recording anywhere on the screen, which is different from the majority of cameras.

You can pause the video recording by pressing the OK button or stop the recording by pressing the red record button again.

Record - movie menu.jpg
To see the menu settings related to movie recording, press the Menu button and highlight the video camera icon on the left side of the screen. The menu settings for movie recordings include:

  • Movie Options - 1080/30p, 1080/60p, 720/30p, 720/60p, 480/30p, HS 480/4x, HS 720/2x, HS 1080/0.5x
  • Autofocus Mode - Single AF, Full-Time AF
  • Electronic VR - On, Off
  • Wind Noise Reduction - On, Off
  • Zoom Microphone - On, Off
  • Frame Rate - 30 fps, 25 fps

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