Playback Screens & Menus

When you press the Play button on the back of the camera, the last image captured will be displayed full screen with minimal information for date and time of capture, image size file number, etc. Pressing the DISPlay button will toggle the amount of information displayed from: minimal, extended exposure info, no info.

Pressing the wide zoom while in Playback mode takes you into the index display mode. This option helps you quickly search through stored files bu displaying 4, 9, or 16 thumbnails at a single time, depending on how many times your turn the zoom control to the Wide position. Toggling the zoom lever again takes you to the calender view, where you can choose you images based on the date in which they were taken.

Pushing the zoom lever in the opposite direction (telephoto) will allow you to zoom in on an image for critical inspection. You can zoom up to 10x in multiple steps, and then scroll around through the image using the 4-way controller.

The Playback menu has options for: Quick Retouch, D-Lighting, Skin Softening, Print set (DPOF) printing information, Slide show, Delete, Protect, Rotate Image, Hide Image, Small picture, Copy, add a Black Border, Sequence display options, and Choose key picture.

Quick retouch automatically adds contrast and increases saturation of the photograph to make it more eye catching. Press up or down to control the Amount of retouch used (High, Normal, Low).

Here you can see the D-lighting option, which can help enhance details in dark areas of the image by automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image. You can control the intensity of this feature with settings for Low, Normal or High.

The rotate feature allows you to change the orientation of the image by 90° at a time.

Here you can see a movie being played back on the P100. The 4-way controller works similar to the controls of a VCR/DVR, allowing you to play, pause, stop and scroll forward and backward through the video. The videos can be played back on the LCD screen or on a TV with the included A/V Cable.


Camera Set Up Menu:
  • Welcome screen - Change the image used in the power up screen
  • Date - Set the internal time and date
  • Monitor Settings - Toggle the info displayed on LCD and screen brightness
  • Date imprint - Off, date, date & time
  • VR - On (hybrid), On, or Off
  • Motion Detection - Auto or Off
  • AF Assist - Auto or Off
  • Red-eye reduction - Pre-flash On or Pre-flash Off
  • Digital Zoom - On, Crop or Off
  • Sound settings - Camera sound effects and volume
  • Auto Off - Sleep delay time: 30s, 1m, 5m, 30m
  • Format memory/Format card - Format the internal memory or SD card
  • Language - Choose from one of the many languages
  • TV settings - NTSC, PAL
  • Charge by Computer - Auto, Off
  • Blink Warning - On, Off
  • Reset all - Reset all settings to default
  • Reset file numbering - Restart the sequential file numbering
  • Firmware version - Display the camera's internal software version

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